Since leaving the league, NBA star Charles Barkley packed on a few pounds. Sir Charles was ribbed by his Inside the NBA cast mates for his new plump physique so much it became a running weekly joke. After doing commercials for Taco Bell and others, Barkley finally decided to shed the extra weight.

Like so many others, Barkley turned to Weight Watchers and became one of the company’s spokesmen. In an effort to reach more male customers, Barkley donned a dress–perhaps a JHud spoof?–to prove men can still be “manly” and follow the Weight Watchers plan.

So…I guess we can call this….”Dress Like A Woman, Lose Like A Man?”

What do you think of the commercial?

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  1. Everyday I’m starting to believe Dave Chapelle’s Theory more and more about how Hollywood always wants to see a black man in a dress.

    Good Move?? I think not.

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