This Morning Meditation highlights Transcendental Meditation (TM) with long-time yoga advocator Russell Simmons. Aside from being a “compassionate capitalist,” Simmons says that he starts his mornings with a peaceful transcendental meditation, which helps calm his thoughts before the crush of a fast-paced New York business day.

Transcendental Mediation is a specific form of mantra meditation, which was popularized by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It is a simple, effortless procedure that can be practiced in twenty minutes as many times a day as you need it. It is NOT A RELIGION but allows your mind to settle inward beyond thought to experience the source of thought — pure awareness, also known as transcendental consciousness, or the unified field.

According to Huffington Post, while there haven’t been sufficiently conclusive large-scale studies on the health affects oftranscendental meditation, small observational studies have found several benefits, includinganxiety reduction, alleviation of symptoms frompost-traumatic stress disorder and improved school performance.

Oprah Winfrey featured TM on her Next Chapter show on her cable network OWN. In it, she revealed her devotion to the practice of transcendental meditation. Winfrey, in conversation with Dr. Oz last year described a more spiritual than bodily fulfillment, saying that the practice of transcendental meditation was part of her overall attempt to “connect with that which is God.”

Similarly, Simmons explains how meditation can help you in your pursuit of happiness:

He imparts some wise words: “I have many rich friends who are very sad. Success is when you can be in touch the happy thing inside you. Other than that, there is no payment. There is no end to the amount of junk you can acquire … there is always a next … Meditation teaches you to appreciate now!”

Good advice indeed.

Have you ever practiced Transcendental Meditation?


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  1. I’ve been practicing TM regularly for two weeks less time than David Lynch, who learned TM in early July of 1973. I have found it to be a great way of coping with extreme levels of stress. I had a counselor at one point who said that I was living proof that TM worked because the levels of stress I was enduring were “literally off the charts.”

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