Kanye West may have written his hit song “The New Workout Plan” as somewhat of a joke, but getting your body right for the summer is no laughing matter. The hot sun up in the sky means that winter layers will soon be shed and all the McDonald’s and ice cream you’ve been snacking on for the past few months will be exposed for all the world to see. Don’t get stuck doing the summer cover up walk of shame. Follow these three tips from Frugivore’s Get Right Workout Plan and your body will be flaunt ready for the summer in no time.


Water is the ultimate detoxifier it’s needed for every body function, it’s also essential to help your body flush out toxins as they’re released from your body’s fat stores – basically your body will refuse to drop body fat if it’s dehydrated. So how much should you consume? Well a general rule is to shoot for drinking one liter of bottled water per-day for every 50lbs of body weight. So if you weigh about 140lbs, you should be looking to consume around three liters of bottled water a day.

Eat Right

Truth is what you eat affects how you look…simple as that. You aren’t going to have a 6-pack of abs and crazy definition with a 6 day a week routine of sweets and fast food. We all have our weaknesses, but if you want your body to look right by summer, skipping that scoop of ice cream or that beer will be worth it in the end. You don’t have to cut the foods you love out, it’s a matter of making smarter decisions. If you want to get right, you should eat about 6 meals daily (they say women can eat 5-6). These consist of the 3 main meals and 3 intermediate meals, or snacks. And definitely eat breakfast daily to kick your body’s metabolism into gear early. Skipping breakfast, or any meal for more than 3 hrs, starves your body, sending a message to store fat.

Stop Slacking & Take Your Butt To The Gym!

The reality is you can detoxify and eat right all you want, but your body will still look like a fat suit if you don’t get moving. If you can’t afford a gym membership, run around your neighborhood, go to the park or buy a DVD and workout at home. There are plenty of free ways to get your workout on so there are no excuses! Make sure you commit to it three or four times a week and that sexy summer beach body will be with you in no time.

What’s your summer workout plan?

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