Thinking about starting a new regimen, but you just can’t seem to make it to the gym? Well we’ve run across someone that might be able to give you that extra boost you need…from home!

Frugivore has stumbled across the phenomenal fitness blog Get Fit With Nic. Nic B is a personal trainer out of Los Angeles who is an avid promoter of living a healthy lifestyle.

Her tumblr page features daily workout plans that you can do from home that engages you in a great cardio and core workout plan. She also lists personal mantras to keep you motivated. Not to mention, her body is sick!

Check out her tumblr and follow her on twitter for more fitness tips @HoneyLovesNic.

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  1. Needed this so much!! Thanks !!!

  2. I was so inspired by her Tumblr that I immediately went to find her on Twitter. Just an F.Y.I., her twitter name is @HoneyLoveNic(with no “S” which tripped me up when searching for her). Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. it’s nice to see a curvy yet toned girl with a realistic and, for the most part, attainable body. very motivating and inspiring 😀

  4. Will be checking it out. Thanks!

  5. Love her body!!! 🙂 Motivation

  6. hot ass body.

    i did weights yesterday but i’m gonna make sure i run today.

    i also love her fit curvy body. this is what is meant by curves. don’t get it twisted.

  7. Her body is super fit! Instantly followed because the workouts are easy to remember to try and complete for a few minutes a day. Thank you so much for posting this!

  8. Her blog isn’t good at all. She posts these pictures for attention. They are more modeling shots than anything else. Her responses to her readers’ questions are terse and poorly thought through. Her writing is terrible. Meh. Her body is great, but her Tumblr is amateur.

    Why did you feature a picture of her and not one of her supposedly ingenious plans? Exactly.

    • @dls:

      i agree.

      i just look at her body cuz just going by her writing, it’s not particularly thoughtful or insightful. in fact, she doesn’t seem all that bright sorry to say.

      but the body is fantastic…good eye candy and inspiration.

    • @dls:
      i AGREE! I think she really wants to be a model more than anything. ahaha. She doesn’t even demonstrate how to do the exercises that she is “assigning” to her 300+ followers. I think those abs have some people hypnotized.

  9. First I would like to Thank Frugivoremag for the Article secondly to address @dls @CA @omfg I would like to say I’m sorry that you all feel that my blog doesn’t provide the proper responses that I give my readers on tumblr. My apologies if I do not sound intelligent enough and that I don’t demonstrate a lot of the routines. I do not post videos on YouTube. This is all New to me. If I wanted to be a model I would model. I’m a Personal Trainer, I take all of my own pictures from my MacBook, iPhone or blackberry, whatever I provide on my Blog is all raw un-cut me.

    • Overseas_Honeybee


      Totally inspired by your pics and info. Thank you !

      Can you provide more info on your diet and some of the meals you eat to maintain all your hard work?

    • Your physique is what I consider my ideal. I think it takes a lot of courage to put oneself out there and be open to scrutiny. I think we need to see as many people of color as we can advocating a healthy lifestyle. Keep doing what you are doing.

    • @Nicole: We need as many people of color as we can advocating a healthier lifestyle. I am inspired and awed at your photos. I consider your physique as my ideal. Keep doing what you do.

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