Flu season is among us and with millions susceptible to the illness each year, federal officials feel they have just made it easier to stay healthy during the winter months.

The Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the first vaccine that protects against four strains of the common flu.

The FluMist Quadrivalent vaccine from AstraZeneca’s MedImmune unit protects against two strains of influenza A and two strains of influenza B. The FDA approved the spray-based vaccine for people ages 2 to 49.

Before now all vaccines contained two strains of influenza A and one strain of influenza B, chosen annually by medical experts based on their potential to spread the virus. Having an extra strain of influenza B increases the likelihood that the vaccine will protect against illness.

The Influenza B virus affects children more than any other population and with the severity of illness and death due to flu varying widely from season to season, many parents will be glad to hear this news.

Do you get flu shots each year? Do they prevent you from getting the flu?


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