As if society couldn’t get any more disturbing, Frugivore has run across this video of the Bugchasers — people who actively seek out someone to have unprotected sex with who is HIV positive in order to contract the disease. The video also highlights people who are “gift givers,” – someone who gives “the gift” of HIV, as well as how getting HIV has become an erotic and unhinged fetish among many men.

This is disturbing and unreal. Leave you comments below the video.

Check out the video below:

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  1. This has been going on for a decade now. Although this story is sick enough, I think the bigger story is how state governments have cut funding to social media marketers who target gay men to alert them to the new sexual trends happing at the moment.

  2. This is so sick. Why on God’s green earth would anybody WANT to have HIV? They need to be in a mental health facility.

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