Since the year began I’ve been trying day by day to live a little better. Cutting out soda (ok, more like cutting back to maybe 1 a week), adding more veggies to my meals and I signed up for a Masala Bhangra class.

I’ve stumbled and fallen on my journey, but three months in I’m proud to say I haven’t given up. A few people close to me know about my attempt to change so when I was invited to a close friend’s house to snack and chat, I was semi-shocked at the menu she prepared.

Fried fish and shrimp, crab cakes, sliders, bbq chicken, mashed potatoes … the works. Not one thing she made had veggies or was low in calories. Granted she’s not on a diet, so why should she make healthier foods if that’s not what she wants, but she invited me over for a little girl time knowing that I was trying to do better.

When I mentioned to her that I really shouldn’t eat what she made because I’m trying to cut back, she pretty much told me that I can have some of it as long as I only have one plate and that her granny has eaten fried foods all her life and she’s 85 years old, blah, blah, blah.

She just didn’t understand why me chowing down on a plate full of high calorie food would be a set back. Yes, I know I don’t need to deprive myself to get healthy and I know that I can still enjoy certain foods in moderation, but that isn’t the point. I’m trying to change habits, build willpower and live a healthier lifestyle and considering that I’m still faltering a bit (which she knows) now might not be the best time for me to test out my “in moderation” theory.

I would’ve appreciated a turkey burger on the menu or maybe some grilled corn or at the very least a “Sorry girl my bad, I wasn’t thinking.” Just a little support can go a long way, you don’t have to change your lifestyle, but you can try to support me in mine. Guess next time I just need to bring my own lunch.

Are your friends and family sabotaging your diet? How do you handle it?

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