The infamous pink-slime meat continues to rear its ugly head throughout your American food system.

Pressured by public opinion, McDonald’s has decided to scrap the controversial “pink slime” ingredient from its burgers and chicken. Taco Bell, Burger King, and many other fast food chains that once used the manufactured meat have also stopped using it as well.

The “slime,” which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, consists of  spare beef trimmings that have been treated with ammonium hydroxide (to kills the pathogens and make it more pleasant to eat) and has been the target of health food activists.

Apparently, since the “junk-meat” still meets the FDA’s “strict” standards, in order to satisfy the American demand for meat, grocery stores and meat packers came up with a frugally egregious plan to fill your hamburger meat with over 70% PINK SLIME.

According to a recent ABC World News report from Jim Avila startling figure by a whistleblower at the USDA — who says he has quit his job out of disgust with the product.

The level of usage is consistent with a 2009 report on pink slime by the New York Times. The paper wrote that “a majority” of ground beef in America contained the substance, which is manufactured by a company called Beef Products, Inc.

Since then, fast food companies have discontinued their use of the product en masse. Pink slime is still in the mix of the ground beef used in school lunches, however.

So what does all this mean. Go Vegan? Storm the FDA and demand accountability? Yes, but if you’re not ready to take either one of those actions, try buying your meat from your local farmer’s market.

Ask the following questions:

  • Where did these meats come from and how far did they travel to get to this farmer’s market?
  • Was this cow grass-fed?
  • Was there any hormones or antibiotics used to keep this cow healthy or alive?
  • Did you [the farmer] add any preservatives after the slaughter to keep the meat looking fresh?

*You can also ask these questions at your local grocery store, but be aware, they may try to move you along if they can’t answer these questions, but stand your ground and demand accountability!

Watch the ABC NEWS video below:

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  1. NASTY! NASTY! I cannot believe that we’ve been poisoned slowly. I wonder if they got pill for this. Dog food? Really? I’ve been fed dog food treated with ammonia. I’m done

  2. My transition to a vegetarian diet is almost done. These videos are scary but necessary. We need more whistle blowers!

  3. Seventy percent of US hamburger contains up to 25% per pound of “pink slime” which consists of the slaughterhouse floor wastes treated with ammonia and water to kill E. coli and Salmonella bacteria.

    The problem is, ammonia does NOT inactivate mad cow prions which may be part of the ankle-deep muck of blood, fats, tissue and scraps on the floor:

    Slaughterhouses are required to remove “SRM” – specified risk materials- the parts of a cow with the highest concentrations of prions. SRM include the skull, brain,ganglia, eyes, tonsils, spinal cord and small intestine. Power tools, including chain saws, are used to cut up the carcasses.. It is unavoidable that potentially prion infected wastes from high risk tissues end up on the blood-soaked slaughterhouse floors – to be incorporated into the pink slime.

    Alzheimer’s is a prion disease – 6 million US victims. .

    Pink slime is a likely pathway to deliver infectious prions to an unsuspecting public, including school children at risk for autism which is approaching epidemic proportions.. The Prion Institute in Alberta, Canada, is studying Autism as a prion disease

    Helane Shields, Alton, NH

  4. I wonder what else is in the food chain that you know nothing about, I am sooo happy I
    became a veggin years ago, even then I don’t always know whats in my food, even though
    I’ve looke at labels, the amount of msg and different types of the same but by another name
    trying to pass off whole wheat when its nothing more then white floor (bleached, bromated)
    then putting a little dye to make it brown and call it whole wheat bread. Our FDA is like
    most of the other government agencies they do nothing for their money, high paid under
    worked leeches is what they are like.

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