Last night new mothers everywhere drank a collective glass of haterade last night when new mom Beyonce stepped out last night, one month after giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter, sporting sick killer curves like she was never pregnant at all. Although there are some who would dare say she was never pregnant at all, the reality is it is possible to get your body back soon after giving birth. Here are three reasons King Bey’s body snapped back, and how yours can too.

Beyonce Was Already Fit
Long before she put on the added baby weight, Beyonce was already in tip-top shape. Over a decade of working out and eating healthy prepared her body for the challenges of pregnancy. She most like also continued a modified version of her workouts and diet during her pregnancy which kept her body used to exercise making it easy to drop the weight post baby.

Now we don’t know this for a fact, but chances are new mom Beyonce is breastfeeding her new daughter Blue Ivy. While breastfeeding is a great bonding experience for mommy and baby, it is also a serious workout. You can burn up to 500 calories a day breastfeeding, the exact number of calories depends upon how frequently you breast feed and how much milk your body produces.

Let’s be real motherhood is no joke! Between late night feedings and diaper changes Beyonce doesn’t have as much time to workout as she used to. Although we’re sure she manages to get a quick session in here and there, for right now baby Blue comes first. So what do you do when you’ve got an event to go to, but still have a roll here and a bulge there? You get spanx of course! The wonder fabric smoothes out all those stubborn problem areas and sucks everything in giving you the illusion of post baby fab until you can make it 100% reality.

What are your post baby snap back tips?

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  1. You forgot the last one….she didn’t have a baby

  2. I agree with Rita. I thought she was pregnant at first as well, but I just couldn’t see Beyonce passing up opportunities to expose her naked pregnant body all over Vogue, Essence, Marie Claire, Ebony like her every one else i.e. Nia Long, Patton, Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker…just seems rather odd.

    • @AmariahShayne: Why would she expose herself on a cover of a magazine? Beyonce has always been notoriously private- hell, she didn’t even admit to seeing JayZ for YEARS! Everyone keeps saying she faked a pregnancy for attention and then bought a baby from somebody. Well, why? She is after all Beyonce Knowles! She’s a super mega star with a million dollar empire- all eyes have been on her since she was 14, I don’t see her neing attention starved.

  3. Just because she didn’t get naked for magazine covers doesn’t mean anything. That is a ridiculous stretch, to say the least.

  4. Why would new mothers everywhere drink haterade? Way to fan the flames of female insecurities and jealousy. Yes, it exists but it’d be nice if blogs/magazines directed towards women to promote and EXPECT that sh*t. This is the same mentality that says it’s okay to call thinner women “skinny bitch” to their faces or insist everyone not obese has an eating disorder or “needs to eat a sandwich.” You don’t have to blow up during pregnancy. You can still look like you after the birth and not a blob. Bottom line.

    • @Daria: I personally know a 28 year old woman who looked effin’ 18 in a bikini only months after her first baby. Good genes, nothing else to it.

    • @Daria: Thank you Daria. I took a pic two weeks after having my son and my friends were surprised at how slim I looked. I also have a friend who has two kids and she looks just like she did when we graduated from high school (10 years ago)

      Not every woman gains a lot of weight during pregnancy, struggles to lose weight after or looks hideous as a result of having a baby. And yes, exercise during and after coupled with healthy eating (and breast feeding) help a lot in keeping a woman’s body fit.

  5. Wow, people who think she wasn’t pregnant at all are morons! Beyonce and Jay-Z have done a lot to keep their private life to themselves…you think in a time when we know WAY TOO much about celebrities that their modesty would be appreciated. SMH Nonetheless, she looks amazeballs! She is a fit women with a killer frame:) Thanks for the post F!

  6. She is obviously not the same size she was pre baby.. her hips are a lot wider and she carrying some extra weight and wearing a girdle which is advised after giving birth.. I dont understand why people think she would lie about being pregnant…

    • @Chris: Then you don’t know about all the internet buzz about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s child being the literal Anti-christ.

      People are taking it pretty seriously, probably because of 2012 and all the rest of that nonsense.

      (Fun fact for Christians: the original translation says “antichrists”, not “Antichrist”, so there’s no reason to worry about one big “son-of-Satan” birth…just…a lot of normal people who don’t like Jesus. Um…or maybe that’s worse…*shrugs*)

  7. This article was spot on by the way!!

  8. She looks like she had a baby to me…Look at those hips and legs! Her boobs are even bigger! Definitely screams mom all over..

    • @Karen: looking at her in the picm it is so obvious that she just had a baby. Those boobs are screaming to the world that she’s a nursing mom. I really dislike people who just have to be haters.

    • @Karen: I agree. I thought her hips looked bigger, and breastfeeding does wonders for taking off weight. I didn’t lose weight as fast as she did (and wasn’t in as good shape before and during my pregnancy), but I did get smaller than I was before my pregnancy, and that’s all due to breastfeeding and getting out and moving around.

  9. The girl was never pregnant; she had a surrogate.

    I don’t agree that she needed to take naked pictures but at the same time she was a big enough whore for propaganda to announce her pregnancy in front of her peers, fans, and causal music fans so whatev.

    Back to the this woman’s fake pregnancy, she clearly didn’t have any pregnancy showing through her clothes and exhibited none of the behavior every woman, including myself, when we were in our 10th month. JUMPING IN CARS, really? I could barely move and getting in cars, especially trucks was a hassle to say the least. She’s disrespectful to anyone that has carried a full term baby.

    Every single one of these celebrities who have been pregnant make sure they show off the bellies b’cause it makes money for said celebrities and Beyonce and JAY-Z are never above making a quick buck.  Mariah, Halle, Angelina, Whitney, Britney, Demi, M.I.A. (she was HUUGGEE) and every other major star hit the tabloids to show off, why is she different. Uh, she’s not!

    I’ve been pregnant twice and I’m not going to allow her to fool me and lie to cover up for the fact she didn’t want to put her “cash cow” body through the changes it goes through to bring precious life into the world.

    • You sound like a loser.

      Just live and let live already.

    • @Tannis: Maybe you were huge, but you are not the 7 billion people in the world’s standard of how “all pregnancy” ever was, currently is, or ever will be. READ the article, it states that: she was really fit before she had her daughter. Perhaps you were not that fit when you were pregnant thus not being able to jump into cars at 40 weeks? And just because all other celebrities did this and that doesn’t make it law. I am not even a Beyonce fan, but honestly, if she decided to not pose on the cover of magazines pregnant, what is it to you? It certainly isn’t proof that she faked it. And as for the comment about sacrifices needed to bring precious life into the world, all I can say is I pity those two children of yours for having to live with such nastiness that is just unnecessary and cruel: why are you so unhappy?

    • @Tannis:

      10th month huh?

      better to not speak than speak and prove to the world that you’re a dumb ass

    • @Tannis: I’m with you Tannis. I don’t feel she was pregnant at all. She tried to hard to conceal the beautiful blessing from our creator, life. My woman carried my child full term 40 weeks and we ate a whole foods diet the entire time. She gained a little weight in the first 6 months but exploded after that, clearly showing for all to see.

  10. Great article…didn’t know women burned that many calories by breastfeeding, I may have to reconsider! Haha… By the way, you people that are talking about Beyoncé never had a baby, how about thinking before you post ignorant comments on the internet..smh

  11. People really need to stay out of Beyonce’s uterus and get a life. EVERYONE’S pregnancy is different just because you blew up like a whale while you were pregnant doesn’t mean everyone will, my friend did not start showing until she was 8 months and delivered a healthy baby girl. Beyonce looks great, give credit when credit is due.

  12. Uhhmmm, have you guys looked at this pic really closely? This is not her pre-baby body… Her hips are a lot broader and so is her waist, and if you caught the side profile pic of her in this dress, her breasts are humongous compared to what they were prior. Spanx are doinf most of the work in this dress which she definitely chose because of the cut. Check the link here. I can only laugh when I hear people adamantly stating as though they resided in her womb, that she was never pregnant. All the same, she looks great, as always.

  13. Don’t you need to be pregnant first to be able to bounce back from having a baby?

    I’ve had six kids, breastfed them all and never “bounced back” in a month. Beyonce was already a big-boned girl and for her to surprisingly spring back in a month is just ludicrous. It takes the uterus a good amount of time to shrink back down to its normal size even in skinny girls and that can make you look pregnant for months afterwards.

    Add to that the fact that any woman that has REALLY had a vaginal birth knows all the girl-parts tend to feel loose down below. So Beyonce had her first baby and didn’t have vaginal tears either? Because she’s out and about like it ain’t nothing, like she gave birth in the bush or something. Just pop the baby right on out in the rice fields and keep moving.

    Did she take a breastpump with her while she club-hopping? Or does she have other magical powers that no other woman seems to have? Because her milk would definitely be on schedule by now and she would have to pump after a couple of hours of being out of the house.

    Bottom line, that woman is full of crap. Had she simply said she couldn’t have kids(or whatever other reason she wanted a surrogate) people would have sympathized. But instead she chose to tell one bold-faced lie after the other and not even bother to do a decent job to make it look real.

    • @fruitygal: Maybe you didn’t bounce back within a month because your genetics didn’t make it possible to.

      Two weeks after I gave birth, I was actually LESS than my pre-baby weight because I only gained 20 lbs during pregnancy and lost weight due to breastfeeding. Why is there a myth that being pregnant makes you a fat, ugly monster and your body can never recover?

      I don’t care what happened or didn’t in this woman’s uterus!!

      • @Danielle:
        Danielle, I totally agree about the myth that being pregnant has to make you fat blob and that it’s so incredibly hard to bounce back from it. I was 135 lbs when I got pregnant with my first child at 26. During the course of my pregnancy, I read tons about all aspects of health, started eating a healthier diet, exercising, and doing what I needed to to be in top shape for my babies health, as well as my own. That resulted in my having an awesome, empowering natural birth in a free-standing birth center and a healthy 8lb 2oz baby boy (I am 5’1″, by the way). By just a week after his birth, I had dropped a ton of weight and by a month after, I was under my pre-pregnancy weight by 10lbs. If you didn’t see me with a newborn, you wouldn’t even know I had been pregnant, except for the fact that my boobs were huge due to breastfeeding. Fast forward to my second child and I had continued to learn more and do even better with regard to my diet and I gained less weight over the course of my pregnancy than I had with my first and, again, dropped the baby weight with ease after he was born. I look even better than I did in high school at age 31 with two kids.

        Oh and fruitygal, it’s also a myth that birth has to be this terribly difficult and debilitating experience that leaves you totally spent. I mentioned having my first son in a free-standing birth center; I felt great and was able to go home just six hours later. My second was born at home. In both cases, I definitely gave myself the time to rest and establish breastfeeding. But, I had tons of energy and no difficulty at all moving around. My yoni bounced back quickly in both cases. Not every birth leads to tears (especially when mothers are allowed to move around during labor and get into a pushing position that opens up their pelvis), so it’s totally possible Beyonce could have had a baby vaginally and not torn.

    • JessicaMercedes

      1. Beyonce was never big boned. She is actually slim, she just has a big booty.
      2. I have given birth to three children vaginally and never had a tear (or a cut).
      3. I bounced back to my pre pregnancy weight and shape within a month because of the same points that the article above stated (except I didn’t wear Spanx).
      4. Beyonce leads a life that she can travel all over the world at a moments notice. People stop and cater to her needs. Its not like us “regular folk” that have to work a 9 to 5 and are forced to pump because we are away from our children for long periods of time.
      I guess this conspiracy theory will never end, but the points you made just were not valid.

  14. I don’t think beyonce had a baby….

  15. I was one of those women who was small when I was pregnant with my first. I did not show much until 4 months, and even then it was only with a tight tank top/topless that you could tell. If I wore a baggy shirt, you couldn’t really see the bump until I was 7 months. And then when I put my clothes on to leave the hospital after giving birth, my pre-pregnancy jeans (the ones I wore 9 months prior) were a bit roomier in some spots, yet my hips were curvier and after a month or so, my breasts became a D cup and never went back down to a B again. The only thing I had was a stretched out belly, and that was nothing a bustier (they didn’t have Spanx back then) couldn’t fix.

    I don’t doubt Beyonce was pregnant. All women’s bodies are not the same (big and/or shapeless all over) after giving birth.

  16. I made major mistakes with my first pregnancy and gained 60 lbs. I never lost all of that weight about half. But with my second child I refused to make the same mistakes twice. I only gained 17lbs and lost every last one. I was back in my per-pregnant clothes in a month. I have fat genes. I did yoga, I walked more, I watched what I ate and I drank a lot of water. Now don’t get me wrong, I ate ice cream and steak and what ever I wanted to eat when I was expecting my second son, but I did make an effort not to go overboard with serving sizes. I was on hospital bed rest the last month of my pregnancy and I think that helped too. Hospital food isn’t that good, so I definitely didn’t over eat in the hospital but I also couldn’t exercise then either. I also had a C-section with each birth so I still have some stomach flab from that, but I lost every pound I gained while I was pregnant. It can be done. I’m a living witness. Hang in there new moms, this too shall pass.

  17. If Beyonce was a naturally slim woman like Kelly Rowland, then it would be easier to believe that her body can “bounce back” after giving birth. But she is a thick girl. Everyone around her talked about how HARD she works out stay slim. When talking to a potential artist who he was advising to lose weight, Neyo said, “…Beyonce just barely gets by, you have no idea how hard that girl works. She’s a naturally big girl too, as quiet as its kept…”

    They were referring to Beyonce in her twenties Now here she is 30 and pregnant. And we all know what pregnancy does to your body. What’s also driving the conspiracy talk is that there are no photos or images of Beyonce in the later stages of pregnancy. We saw Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. We saw Alicia Keys wearing high heels at six months getting up on that piano (as we all took a breath lol.) I personally thought Beyonce was the type to blow up in later stage of pregnancy. Did she get too big and went into hiding?

    It just seems so strange, how one of the most photographed women in the world, not one pic of he with a full round belly. And its not like she left the country like Angelina Jolie. Oh well. We’ll never know.

  18. Oh, as for that dress – just about any woman who is not skinny looks FAT in that dress. It’s complementing on very few women. Always hated dresses like that…

  19. Apparently only youngsters are reading this. There are lots of women from back in the day who have had mutiple pregnancies and bounced back. My mom for 1, and me for 2. In this generation of instant gratification, some of our young folks don’t know it’s like to earn and maintain a figure on your own and not make some doctor richer by paying,them to slice and dice.

  20. @Tannis: There’s actually two pics of her with her belly showing. One right after the announcement with a tiny protusion in a white bikini, and another well into her pregnancy in which she’s wearing a blue see through coverall over her blue bikini.

    But your comments beg the question: Why? Why have a “fake” pregnancy for attention/publicity, if you’re not gonna milk it for all its worth and release the pics / sell the story? She didn’t do a single advertisement with her pregnant belly (all mag covers and promotional materials were done before her pregnancy), and she announced the pregnancy/released baby pics for free…. I mean that just doesn’t add up. In reality, it appears she’s just doing her.

  21. JessicaMercedes

    Beyonce has always been discreet about her personal life. That fact combined with the fact that she and her husband are absolutely amazing at every venture they attempt, leaves a lot of room for haters and gossipers to make up stories about their life. And since none of us (I’m assuming) know her personally we can’t really say what was happening in her womb.
    Anyway, back to the subject at hand…These are three tried and true practices for maintaining your figure (and your health) post baby. Exercise before, during, and after your pregnancy, eat a healthy balanced diet, breastfeed (when I nursed my daughter I could sometimes literally feel my abs contracting), and use shape wear.
    So many women fall into the trap of thinking that being pregnant gives you the right to eat for two (not realizing that for most of the pregnancy that 2nd person is smaller than their fist). The think that they no longer have to walk around. Some even stop doing housework. I can understand if your doctor orders bedrest, or light work because of complications but some people take pregnancy “privileges” to the extreme.

  22. This entire discussion, save for those of us who have decided to think sensibly about all of this, is sad. Why is Beyonce’s body even up for discussion? If you aren’t Blue Ivy, it isn’t any of your concern whether or not she still has rolls, or she did or didn’t tear, or she was or wasn’t very public and blatant about her pregnancy. What does it matter to you at the end of the day whether or not she was able to bounce in and out of cars and may have had an easy delivery? It shouldn’t matter at all, yet she just HAD to have a tear (despite the fact that most natural, healthy deliveries don’t routinely result in tears), and she COULDN’T have bounced back to that shape so quickly (although women who start pregnancy fit and at their ideal body weight range have little trouble returning to pre-pregnancy weight). Wish the new mother well no matter what she looks like or defied in your minute bubble of personal experience, and humble your self a bit more by remembering that if it were you, you wouldn’t want your mothering experience cheapened by destructive opinions.

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