Getting and staying fit is tough. Between trying to figure out what foods work best for your body, what workouts target your problem areas, how many reps to do and keeping up with the latest trends, fads and reports, just figuring how to stay healthy can be harder than actually staying healthy.

Sure we can ask friends what works for them, but they are no better at figuring these things out than anyone else. It helps to have reliable sources to turn to when you have questions or need help on figuring out the next step in your fitness plan and for most of us that includes reading fitness magazines.

From Heart & Soul to Men’s Health there are a number of magazines out there that claim to know what’s best for people looking to get healthy. But do they really?

Do you subscribe to fitness magazines? Which ones do you find most reliable?

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  1. I just started reading Oxygen Magazine. I’m really trying to do the healthy thing. I’ve always been pretty healthy but 2 kids and pushing almost 35( not old btw, lol), I’ve noticed I’m gaining more weight especially in my midsection and I’m always tired. It’s a work in progress learning to cut out sweets and replacing them with healthy alternatives. Plus I hate working out! My husband has noticed a big difference in my energy level and physique.

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