Working out when you’re going through the daily grind of family, friends and work is always a constant struggle, some days we stick to our routine, other days the routine gets shot to hell. However when you’re on vacation you’re supposed to be relaxing and indulging in all the wonders of your chosen destination and that often includes food … and lots of it.

So what there’s a gym in the hotel, free yoga classes on the lido deck, or an empty beach to run along, we’re on vacation!

Workout routines tend to go out the window for many of us when we’re traveling, but we can’t let a week of downtime set back our fitness goals. There has to be a way to relax in paradise and preserve our sexy at the same time.

How do you stick to your fitness routine on vacation?

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  1. Is it a sin if we stop thinking about our routine when on a vacation? Do we have to punish ourselves afterwards? Where is the fun in there?

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