Most of us have a serious, tumultuous and long term love affair with soda. From Pepsi and Coke to Dr.Pepper and Sprite, just the sound of the can when you first pop the top can have us drooling. But just because you love something doesn’t mean it’s good for you and soda is the perfect example. Drinking one can of soda a day has been linked with an increased risk of stroke and heart attack and of course obesity. The sugar in soda is what keeps us coming back for more so going cold turkey is not going to be easy, that’s why Frugivore is giving you these simple steps to help you kick the habit and get on the road to healthy living today.

Replace the Fizz

Soda drinkers are in love with two things: with caffeine and with carbonation so in order to quit you’ll need a swap that addresses both. Get your fizz fix by taking a shot glass (1.5 oz) worth of 100 percent juice, such as pomegranate, blueberry or sour cherry, and mixing it in with sparkling water, sounds strange, but it works

Get a Caffeine Substitute

Cutting out caffeine abruptly can make you feel like you’re dragging, get your caffeine fix but swapping your can of Pepsi for either iced or hot green tea, which is loaded with health benefits and has a specific compound, L-theanine, that makes it a gentler source of caffeine. If you want to cut caffeine altogether, do it slowly, cutting down the amount a little bit every three days.

Replace the Ritual

Most of us reach for that can of soda out of habit. You know, everyday around 3pm when you hit that wall and feel like you need a boost to get you through the day so you get up and go to the vending machine for a cold one. Or maybe you grab a soda during the one time during the day you get to stretch your legs. Once you identify the habit, find a way to replace it. Find a replacement drink in a similar container or take a walk with a co-worker and skip the vending machine altogether.

Drink Water

See how water just keeps popping up in healthy eating habits, that’s because it’s important! People forget that one of the main ingredients in soda is water, so make sure you replace it with water and after awhile you won’t miss the soda as much.

How are you kicking your soda habit?


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  1. I replace soda with flavored water

  2. I Take Seltzer water and add fruit to it.

  3. I haven’t kicked the habit, but I want to. These are great tips thanks for the ideas on how to let go.

  4. just go cold turkey and only drink water and “real” tea….after awhile your taste buds will change

  5. Im watering down my sodas to help kick the habit..the other day I tried to drink a soda that wasn’t watered down and it made me vomit so watering it down is helping..please I drink about four to five bottles of water a day ..I drink about a case of water in about a week or week in a half.

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