With February being American Heart Month many of us are learning about all the ways we can keep our hearts healthy. One of those ways is by changing up our lifestyles and opting for a healthier diet. With African American adults 30 percent more likely to die from heart disease than non-Hispanic whites, it’s important that we take our heart health seriously. One way to safeguard our heart is by living a vegan lifestyle. Celebs like Russell Simmons, Prince and Reverend Al Sharpton have already made the switch and recently Erykah Badu’s former nutritionist Afya Ibomu sat down with Centric TV to talk about the benefits of veganism. Check a snippet of the interview below.

Why is a vegan diet healthy?
A vegan or vegetarian diet is healthy because its plant based. Many studies show that eating a plant based diet reduces your risk if not totally prevents cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and stroke. But a vegan diet can also be unhealthy if the proper nutrients are not consumed. Many people take meat out of their life but eat a lot of junk food (yes there are vegan junk foods). So balance is key.

How is a vegan lifestyle healthy for your heart?
As a vegan you don’t consume any cholesterol, [because it’s] only found in animal products. We only eat small amounts of saturated fats that come from nuts and avocados. These foods have easier forms of fats to digest and metabolize even though they are fat. Fruits and vegetables help to keep the blood flowing and free of clogs and clots.

What are some overall health and life changes that people experience once they transition into veganism?
In general, [some of the changes include] improved energy, weight loss, and a reduction in cholesterol levels and blood pressure. [For women it improves] premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms.

You can check out the rest if the interview over at Centric TV.

And you check out Afya’s Frugivore feature here.

Would you switch to a vegan lifestyle? How are you keeping your heart healthy?

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  1. Thank you for sharing this article, I have been eating a plant-based menu for over 12 years. Not only to I physically feel better, I am heathy and feel well! Additionally, the food that I eat is diverse, nutrient-dense and nourishes my body. I always recommend that people start shifting their food choices by adding more greens to their menu. Fiber, Vitamin L, calcium, plus more…when done consistently, you will notice the difference.

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