Eating isn’t always about staying fit and keeping the pounds off.  Even though it’s great to eat for health, it’s also good to eat for happiness as well.  An instant jolt of happiness is just a forkful of brain food away and these four foods will not only keep you healthy, but happy too.  And you can never have too much happiness!

Dark chocolate
Ever wonder why chocolate makes you feel so good?  Sure, it tastes good, but it also provides an instant boost in concentration and mood and even improves blood flow to the brain, helping you feel more vibrant and energized.  Skip the sugary milk chocolate blends and go directly for the darkest organic (highest percentage of cocoa) chocolate you can.

Cherry tomatoes
All tomatoes are a great source of lycopene, a nutrient that actually stops the buildup of pro-inflammatory compounds linked to depression.  Because lycopene lives in tomato skins, the best way to get it is through cherry tomatoes, whose smaller surface area means you’ll eat more skin than if you eat a full-size tomato.

Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt is packed with more calcium than you’ll find in milk or regular yogurt, and it can make you happy, too.  Proper calcium levels give the “Go” command, alerting your body to release feel-good neurotransmitters and the probiotics help aid in digestion and can even ward off colds.

Lemon Macaroons
Sugar is a known mood annihilator, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on desserts. This citrus-rich macaroon recipe is chock-full of brain-healthy coconut and fuels better moods.  Try this recipe for Mood-Boosting Lemon Macaroons over the weekend.


What foods make you happy? 


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  1. Frozen yogurt makes me very happy. I will grab some frozen strawberries with plain and/or vanilla yogurt. Throw it in a blender and stick it in the freezer then much down in about an hour.

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