It’s Valentine’s Day! A time for love, yummy chocolates, decadent dinners and extra pounds. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for a way to turn up the love and still maintain your fitness goals this Valentine’s Day then you’re in luck! Check out these four fitness dates that will keep you both looking your best on this special day…because a couple that works out together, stays together!

Take A Salsa Lesson

Taking a Salsa lesson can be such a fun and sensual experience. The rhythm gets you moving, the close contact without kissing gets your anticipation and heart rate up…talk about romance!

Ice Skating

What could be more appropriate for Valentine’s Day than a sport in which you practically have to hold hands? Your booty will get some love too, in the form of a great lower-body workout.

Get A Bicycle Built For Two

Just embrace the cutesy cheesiness. Working toward a common goal in sync can be sexy and a surefire bonding moment.

Go Horseback Riding

Picture it. The two of you galloping off into the sunset, soaking up the scenery and giving your inner thighs and core a fantastic workout from the effort of staying upright and steady on your horse. Win-win!

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  1. Great dates! Feel good! Look good! Can’t beat that!

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