Most of us are always on the go. At any given point in time you can find someone rushing on their way to a variety of places, sometimes rushing just to sit home and do nothing at all. With busy schedules and tons of places to be, it can be hard fitting in a workout each week, but no more. A new craze is hitting the fitness world that making it more convenient to stick to your workout routine.

Recently Flirty Girl Fitness launched Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE, a Web service that streams three or four of their franchise’s group classes every day. Subscribers can log in at home and participate in classes like “Bikini Bootcamp” or “Hottie Body Boxing” from their living room. The classes stay online for 24 hours and then are replaced with the next day’s workouts. Unlimited subscription passes are $15 a month. Kristin Knee of Flirty Girl Fitness says the new service has been a huge success with members doing classes on their lunch break at work or logging in while on vacation. The classes also offer a fresh approach to the traditional workout DVD.

According to Knee:
“You know you have a [workout] DVD, and it’s an awesome DVD, but the girl tells the same joke every day. This is always live, always fresh, and you feel like you’re there.”

Flirty Girl Fitness aren’t the only ones jumping on the craze, businesswoman Joyce Wells recently launched EMG Live Fitness, an Internet-based fitness studio that streams classes from instructors across the country. There’s no subscription for Wells’ site; classes are bought for $5 apiece. Wells feels like the fitness industry is dragging its feet in making the transition online:

“It’s going to be like Netflix was to Blockbuster. Blockbuster refused to let go of that model, and look at what happened to them.”

This idea can be great for people who feel uncomfortable going to traditional gyms and prefer working out in the privacy of their own home. Streaming fitness classes also takes away the excuses many of us use to skip out on the gym. No more worrying about the weather or that week long cruise, as long as you have wifi, you have a gym.

Would you take online fitness classes?

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  1. C’mon really? The whole point of a trainer is to make sure you don’t hurt yourself performing the exercises not instruction so much. I bought p90x and after a little while it made me start hurting primarily for the same reasons– I’m a novice

  2. I think it’s a great idea. I wouldn’t use it to train, but it’s great for those who like to workout at home or get that quick cardio in.

  3. Yes but it’s tricky. Do you have to sign a waiver for these lessons? And can you pick a chocolate man?

  4. I’ve done youtube video workouts. But if Les Mills Bodypump ever does this, then I would being willing to pay. That class was fantastic.

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