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by — Jan 10, 2012

WARNING: Not Your Usual Health Advice Column

It’s 2012. Yes, the prophesied year is upon us. And while our physical circumstances and habitual daily activities perpetuate a mirage of constancy, an entire universe, unseen to the untrained, is in continuous flux. Mother Earth and her galaxy are what I speak of.

Transitioning into this sacred year, people must begin to question the status quo, not only to comprehend the scope of the war we’re fighting but to fully realize their natural aspirations to be free — free to think for themselves, free from dis-ease, free from homogenization and ultimately free from death.

And since one must take a wholistic approach to obtain bonafied independence papers, it is of the most importance that we stop looking for fast cure-all diets, fads and addictions to sustain life and attain dis-ease-free health. It is pertinent that we begin to critically think about and enforce a radical philosophy and approach to becoming “healthy”, to loosing dead weight, to getting off prescription medications, etc.

Ultimate freedom is being able to own yourself, your spirit, your thinking. And, one must be free from dis-ease to do so.

Therefore, at some point we must ask ourselves if what we consume affects our physical bodies and shackles the spiritual life forces within us.

It’s time to investigate how we become what we eat, listen to, watch and are exposed to.

Given that my experience and education are of the nutritional and culinary fields, I simply put the question to you: Are You What You Eat?

The sad truth is we are what we eat, and most of us are addicted to the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).

Of course this is just one of the many consequences of being lied to and deceived about our foods and their effects on our bodies, well-being and consciousness.

So, we’ve decided to provide you with some suggestions, facts and truths that will debunk a portion of the lies you have been fed and will provide some support in working toward your 2012 New Year’s Resolution Goals.


  • “Nutrition for Vegetarians” by Agatha M. Thrash, M.D. & Calvin L. Thrash, M.D.
  • “The Whole Soy Story” by Kaayla T. Daniel, Ph.D., CCN
  • “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal,” by Eric Schlosser
  • “Digestive Wellness” by Elizabeth Lipski, Ph.D. CCN
  • “Spiritual Nutrition” by Gabriel Cousens M.D.
  • “The Rebirth of Gods” by Paul Goss
  • “What Should I Eat & When Should I Eat It” Farid Zarif, Ph.D.
  • “The Mucusless Diet Healing System” by Arnold Ehret
  • “Nutrition and Mental Illness” by Carl C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. M.D.
  • “Raw and Living Foods” by the High Priest Kwatamani ( Available online)


Acacia – Gum arabic, derived from the Acacia sengal species, used as a binder and emulsifier. In icing mixtures, diet foods and diabetic foods, ice cream, and other sweets; many cough mixtures and lozenges; some cosmetics, soaps and skin care products; also in lithographic solutions, adhesive pastes, matches and fireworks, furniture and metal polishes, shoe polishes, sizing, varnish and water colors. Anaphylaxis (acute allergic reaction shortness of breath, rash, wheezing, hypotension) has been found in people working in the printing industry.

BHA (Butyalted hydroxyanisole) – a preservative used in pork and pork sausages, steak sauces, vegetable oils, potato chips, dry cereals, nuts, dry yeast, doughnuts, frozen pizzas and cake mixes. Is suspected of liver ailments and may cause allergic reactions and even cancer. It’s stored in body fat.

Calcium carbonate – sometimes derived from animal bones. Used in fertilizers, some vitamin supplements, in toothpaste.

EDTA (Calcium Disodium) – a preservative and flavoring used in mayonnaise, salad dressing, margarine, beer, soft drinks and condiments. Has been linked to kidney disorders, cramps, skin rashes and intestinal problems.

MONO & Diglycerides – Usually of animal origin unless specified. Used as a smoothing agent and softener in shortening, margarine, peanut butter, bread, dry roasted nuts, cookies, cakes and canned ravioli. May cause genetic changes, cancer, birth defects and abnormalities. Also lends to obesity.


Kale – Even if you juice it with some apples and ginger, kale is has high levels of vitamin C. Helps to oxygenate the body.

Papaya – A fruit that contains Papain. Also used to tenderize meat.

Coconut – Super fruit from the tropics. Helps to promote healthy brain function and digestion. It’s has the same makeup of blood plasma.

Noni (fresh) – You can get this fresh in the tropics. Helps to fight cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Hemp Seed – Has very high content of Amino Acids, which the body uses in protein production.

Flax Seed – Available in oil, mill or whole seed form. Best soaked overnight and then refrigerated and taken daily. Contains Omega 3 & 6, which are vital for healthy brain function.


  • Food Inc.
  • Baraka
  • The Black Power Mixtapes
  • FLOW: For Love of Water
  • Death On A Factory Farm
  • YOU TUBE: “Mass Genocide Through Monsanto Food”
  • YOU TUBE: The Chemical Dumbing Down of American Society


  • Nneka – Nigerian singer from Lagos.
  • I-Wayne – Jamaican Roots reggae artist from Portmore.
  • Sa-Roc The Starseed – Black lyricist and hip hop artist.
  • Cornell West – Black intellectual, professor and activist.

Now you are more prepared to realistically meet your 2012 New Years Resolution Goals. Knowledge is Key. To do better, we must know better.

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  1. Wow this article was eye opening, I’m coming up on 1 year of being a vegetarian and I’ve learned a lot. From starting out buying veggie burgers to making my own and incorperating a lot of different fruits and vegetable in my diet is awesome. Looking at the list of top additives was the eye opener for me. I have to get my husband on board (non-vegetarian) and start cutting some with the hope of all of these things from our household. Again, thanks for a great article.

  2. @Lady J: Give Thanks Sis. Yes, the additives in what is being marketed and sold to us as food is literally killing us, and not softly either. We often suffer from various complications, ills and dis-eases and never second guess them. We just passively accept while corporations make billions killing folk. It makes me feel good that you are inspired. Keep up with your journey.

    -Peace, Love, Life and continued prosperity.

    India Camiel

  3. This is a great, comprehensive article. Really enjoyed reading it. I’ve been into raw food for a little over a year, so I’m curious about BHA in nuts. Which nuts and in what quantities? Or maybe a better question would be what is a source on that info? Love the perspective from which this was written, making it about much more than just the food. Thanks!

  4. Beautifully written article

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