Two weight loss drugs that were FDA rejected back in 2010 have resurfaced and health officials are not jumping for joy. You may not remember but Qnexa and it’s competitor Lorcaserin are two drugs the FDA rejected over concerns that they caused suicidal thoughts, heart palpitations, memory lapses and cancer in rats. Well this week news has hit that warning labels on the products warning women of childbearing age not to use them, might be getting removed.

If approved, the drug could be prescribed to women of childbearing age, as long as they weren’t actually pregnant. It’s unclear why the FDA saw fit to remove the warning especially since the companies don’t appear to have any new research to allay concerns about their side effects. Of course the removal of the warning label doesn’t mean the FDA will actually approve the drug for release to the public again, but Congress has been pressuring the FDA to approve new obesity drugs so it could be a very real possibility.

Why anyone would think allowing humans to consume something that kills rats is okay is beyond me. Instead of pressuring the FDA to release harmful drugs to the public as a quick fix for our obesity epidemic, they should try creating new fitness programs in schools and on making it easier for people to access health clubs and affordable healthy food options. Of course this would be too easy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…there are no short cuts in weight loss! Losing weight is not worth risking your life.


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