Hostess, the company behind Wonder Bread and the iconic Twinkie, announced it’s filing for bankruptcy, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Texas-based company, which first filed for Chapter 11 in 2004, cited the rising cost in flour and other baking materials as a major reason for the bankruptcy filing. But the truth is, Wonder Bread and the unhealthy, albeit delicious, Twinkie just don’t fly off the shelves like they used to. Hostess found that Wonder Bread sales dropped dramatically in recent years, and compensating with wheat bread didn’t do enough to boost sales.

Are Americans finally using their wallets to speak against unhealthy food options?

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  1. No they aren’t. Yeah I’m cynical but have you been to the mall lately? It’s not just blacks, it’s not just Mexicans or Hispanics, it’s everyone in this country. Most people are too plugged into the American machine to have the time to eat right. It’s a total lost cause

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