When it comes to working out we tend to stick to the tried, true and craze of the moment favorites, but one effective workout that often gets over looked are water workouts. Water workouts are a wonderful way to give your body a fitness boost and burn calories with very low joint impact. Not only are water workouts good if you struggle with obesity, arthritis or sprained or strained muscles, but they’re also a great way for a fit individual to introduce some variety into an exercise routine.

If you need to lose weight and have always wanted to learn how to swim then taking a swimming class at your local YMCA will be perfect. Try to use a combination of swimming styles, like freestyle, breastroke or backstroke, since this will help you burn the most calories and have the biggest fitness response.

Water Aerobics
This type of class is typically done in waist-deep water so you don’t need to know how to swim to participate. Special foam dumbbells and ankle devices can be used to offer more resistance to the arms and legs, and you will find yourself jumping, hopping, lifting and doing dancing activities very similar to a non-water aerobics class.

Aqua Jogging
Aqua jogging is very similar to running on dry land, but without the joint impact. It’s most effective in water that is too deep to touch the bottom. You don’t just have to run, you can also do high knees drills, heel-to-butt kicks, and Frankenstein-style walking with straight arms and legs.

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