Pressured by public opinion, McDonald’s has decided to scrap the controversial “pink slime” ingredient from its burgers and chicken. Taco Bell, Burger King, and many other fast food chains that once used the manufactured meat have also stopped using it as well.

The “slime,” which was approved by the FDA, consists of  spare beef trimmings that have been treated with ammonium hydroxide (to kills the pathogens and make it more pleasant to eat) and has been the target of health food activists like chef Jamie Oliver for years.

Although some blame the backlash against “pink slime” on “fear mongering” from the likes of Oliver, the documentary Food Inc., and the New York Times, many researchers claim it is actually safe.

Either way, the pink stuff is gone and it looks like your Big Mac will indeed contain two all-beef patties, and no “special” additives.


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  1. Is that just “chicken” products or others like the “Big Mac”…I’m confused?

  2. This is soooooooo nasty and I’m scared for the future of our food. My children will grow up in where there might not be any naturally grown food

  3. I’m just happy i live in a place where food is available straight from a farmer we know or grow and harvest/slaughter ourselves. If people would go back and support the small scale farmer we would all live slot healthier lives

  4. i never go there anymore becuase of that!! it just kills me to see that pink paste

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