There’s a new culprit on the obesity scene. According to two new ads, which appear on billboards in Albany, New York, eating cheese is hazardous to your health, will make you fat and is simply murder on the thighs. The campaign, which is sponsored by a nonprofit group called Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), hopes that by showing people the negative affects of cheese on their bellies and thighs, they’ll cut back on the fattening substance and get healthy.

According to PCRM President Dr. Neal Barnard:

“Typical cheeses are 70 percent fat. And the type of fat they hold is mainly saturated fat—the kind that increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Cheese is also loaded with cholesterol and sodium. Americans eat more than 33 pounds of cheese per person per year—three times more than they did in 1970—and our country is more obese than ever.”

PCRM has also written a letter to the Albany school board asking them to cut down on the amount of dairy products served in schools to help minimize the kids’ risk for childhood obesity. While it is true that eating too much cheese can pack on the pounds, the same can be said for most foods. That’s why instead of scaring people into giving up certain foods we need to be more focused on educating people on healthy alternatives and moderation. But what do I know, I’m a cheese lover.

Would you give up cheese?

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