Recently MTV aired a new episode of their hit documentary series True Life called True Life: I’m A Chubby Chaser. No that wasn’t a mistake. The episode followed two men, Justin who is gay and Tee, as they live their lives loving their bigger mates. According to the MTV description of the episode “These self-proclaimed chubby chasers defy societal norms, living each day with one mantra: the bigger the better.” After my initial reaction of “Really MTV? Really?” I actually watched the entire show and by the end I felt like MTV portrayed these men and their choice in big women as a fetish…but is it?

If you look up the definition of fetish the consensus is that a sexual fetish may be regarded as an enhancing element to a romantic/sexual relationship achieved in ordinary ways like having the partner wear a particular garment or getting tied up. By that definition being a chubby chaser isn’t a fetish; it’s more of a preference. Jay and Tee don’t have some kinky obsession with wanting to be with someone big, they just prefer it. To them, and others in the world, small men and women are not extremely desirable, but if you have a little (or a lot) of meat on your bones, you can definitely get it.

My other issue with MTV’s portrayal of so called chubby chasers is that in Tee’s case they made it seem as if dating a big woman was some kind of escape from the bruised ego he may have suffered dating smaller women. Tee said:

“I used to date a lot of skinny chicks. When I was dating skinny girls it was nothing but problems. Pretty girls have huge egos. They’re boring in the bedroom and I always had to worry about other guys hitting on them.”

What? So big women can’t be “pretty?” So all the women you date are just ugly girls with no self worth so they put up with your ish? I think not. While not everyone may find big women attractive, they aren’t ugly and their size definitely does not prohibit them from knowing their self worth nor does it keep them from being the assholes Tee seems to think smaller women can be. Of course in the end MTV is all about ratings so this show could be as manufactured as Kim Kardashian’s wedding. I just think that MTV got the world of chubby chasing all wrong. It’s not a fetish and the women aren’t worth less than their smaller counterparts, but that’s just one woman’s opinion.

Do you think chubby chasing is a fetish or preference? Do you agree with Tee that big women are less of a hassle than ‘pretty girls?’ Do you know any chubby chasers?

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  1. I am a full-figured woman and proud of it. The men I date love big women because bigger women are their preference, not because of some perverted fantasy. Just as there are men who prefer darker women, taller women, women with blonde hair, big boobs, etc..there are men who prefer big women. I see don’t see anything wrong with chubby chasing as long as the person doing it isn’t following after some stupid stereotype ( eg. big women are easy/desperate/have low self esteem so they’re easy to bed #FAIL)

  2. Ain’t no one wants a fat person when they are healthy clear and conscious. The toxicity of the union freaks me out, personally. This whole “fat acceptance” jargon creates a new normal where fat is thick and obese is fat. INSANITY

  3. Right….There is someone for everyone. I hope it works out for them

  4. That chick in the picture looks desperate,, not saying that all big girls are desperate, just sayin though

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