Hi, my name is Danielle and I’m addicted to soda. Is my fridge stocked with Pepsi, no. Do I guzzle down several cans a day, no. But just like people who reach for a cup of Starbucks coffee to give them a bit of a pick me up during the day, I reach for an ice cold can of Pepsi to keep my head from hitting the desk at work. So what makes me an addict? Well, devoid of an official diagnosis, I’d have to say the fact that I get cranky and angry when I deny myself the indulgence. Every year during Lent I vow to give up soda and every year I succeed, but not after spending the entire time shaking like Pookie under the bridge and foaming at the mouth every time I see a Pepsi can. As soon as lent is over, I’ve got a 2-liter and a smile and the sick cycle starts all over again.

I know I’m not alone.

Millions of people consume soda every day despite knowing that soda has no nutritional value, no health benefits, and a large calorie and sugar bill attached. Each 12 oz can of soda has an average of 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar and it’s the sugar that keeps people coming back for more. The addiction to sugar is so powerful that if you try to stop your body can experience withdrawal symptoms that vary from frequent headaches to physical illness. My goal for 2012 is to begin the process of kicking my addiction to soda. I know it won’t be an easy process, but I’m willing to take on the challenge. Will you join me?

Are you addicted to soda? Do you find it hard to stop drinking it?

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  1. I am also addicted, but my drug of choice is Coke (cola that is,LOL)!

  2. I am also addicted to Coca Cola. I want to kick the habit and have in the past , but it seems to be very difficult now.

  3. I am super addicted to soda! My family knows it and none of us have a clue as to what I shpuld do!

  4. I’m addicted to all soda. The caffeine keeps me going through the day and I drink at least 6 cans a day. If I go more than 10 hours without a soda I get headaches that won’t go away until I’ve drank at least 2 cans. It’s not healthy at all!

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