If you’ve been keeping up with that resolution to exercise more chances are you’ve been suffering from the aches and pains of having overdone it at the gym. Making sure your workout is challenging without overdoing it is one way to prevent muscle soreness, but there are some foods and beverages that can help minimize exercise-related muscle soreness. Here are three foods that will not only taste great and add a new element to your diet, but can help you heal faster after a grueling workout.

May sound strange, but salmon is good for inflamed joints, which many of us suffer from after a hard workout. The omega-3s found in salmon also help soothe the aches and pains of rheumatoid arthritis.

You might already love blueberries in your pie, but this fruit is not good for a sweet treat. The antioxidants in blueberries help ward off muscle fatigue by mopping up the additional free radicals that muscles produce during exercise.

Ginger is rich in inflammation-fighting compounds, such as gingerols, which help soothe sore muscles. In a recent study, people who took ginger capsules daily for 11 days reported 25 percent less muscle pain when they performed exercises designed to strain their muscles, compared with a similar group taking placebo capsules.

What foods do you eat to help with soreness?


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  1. Food rich in vitamin B, such as bananas, coconut water and wholegrains (quinoa) are great for muscle recovery. Also, carbs, such as pasta and wholegrain/wheat breads, are great energy sources for cardio.

  2. After a race or a hard ride I always go for the protein. It helps to rebuild muscle after a strenuous workout. To that end the salmon is great. I also go for a big ol’ cheeseburger.

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