The Barbadian pop-superstar Rihanna was put a 24-hour health watch by her concerned handlers, who were scared that their golden-skinned goose would not lay anymore profitable concert eggs around the world.

Mercury Records execs grounded the 23-year-old singer after she apparently had an episode and almost cancelled a tour date in Dublin, Ireland.

Basically, since Ri Ri has been on tour all year to supplement the lackluster sales of her latest project — which is not an indictment of her album but of the record industry in general — her investors wanted to give their prized filly a day off.  How thoughtful!

The execs clearly want a large return on their money irrespective of “baby girl’s” health.

According to Jezebel, Rihanna needs to fulfill her obligations, which includes writing music for her peers and filming a concert DVD later this month.

Part of this “health watch” includes trying to hire Mariah Carey’s trainer Patricia Gay to get her into better shape. Hmm, intense workouts aren’t the most obvious cure for a case of extreme exhaustion, but maybe Mercury knows something we don’t. In any case, let’s hope RiRi can take care of herself and get some rest.

Either touring is not that that taxing on the body or Rihanna is putting a bonus workout DVD because there is no reason for a person who is suffering from exhaustion to keep working out while touring. In the real world, most of the time, the cure calls for rest and relaxation.

Oh well, hopefully, everyone can tell when it comes to fame and fortune, there is more than meets the eye.

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  1. I hope she gets better, I saw her in LA and she was great live and had a lot energy. But she seems like, ever since she left Chris Brown, she just doesn’t seem happy. I just don;t get it. If I had that fine ass Matt Kemp, I’d be good for a long time.

    • Jackie's Arm Fat

      @Nikki: I agree. She got the sad face on all the time in airports and even when they shoot pics of her on vacay she looks likes she’s missing something. Cosign on Matt Kemp *yes*

  2. Slow down girl! Wow! Money should never trump health. R.I.P. The King of Pop …

    • @Reno: @Reno, I think you’re missing the point… the article is saying she does need/want to slow down, but will the record label let her? The record label is forcing her to keep working to keep up the profits, despit e her exhaustion.

  3. “Pon the Relax” That record company is not even hiding the fact they have enslaved that girl. they cray for that right there

  4. Hope my fellow BAJAN gets better… Not Barbadian (common mistake) lol.

  5. I pray that Rihanna takes care of herself, she does miss Chris Brown, and they will get back together. No one had a right to split them apart. She will learn that you can’t listen to others, no matter how powerful they are. Everybody makes mistakes, whereas I didn’t condone what Chris did to her, that was their conflict to settle and not the world’s. So many people wanna tell other people what to do with their lives when they can’t control their own. They miss each other and they will get back together, you heard it here first. I just pray for her and Chris and for her recovery.

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