There is a list of feminine products that men loath having to purchase from the local drug store. The short list is as follows: douche, pads, tampons, and PLAN B. Even though the latter is not as essential as the other products, but considering that men have a hard time even buying condoms that don’t have ego-boosting slogans plastered on the box, like Magnum XL, any man who does take out the time to be responsible after a night of irresponsibility, women should praise that man because you have found a sucker keeper …

Nonetheless, a responsible man in Houston was denied a Plan B pill at CVS Pharmacy. Isaac Kurtz was shocked that he couldn’t walk out of the store with his contraceptive, which was probably his “Plan A,” because the pharmacist said selling him the drug went against her “personal belief.”

“She tells me she needs to speak with the woman,” Kurtz says. “I’m taken aback by this and ask her what she needs to talk to her about, I bought them here before without issue. She then tells me she won’t sell it to men.”

The Houston Press jumped all over this civil rights story and asked CVS for clarification, but the largest chain drug store in America claimed that they had no knowledge of this incident and had no policy that should have denied Kurtz of his purchase:

“We apologize for the isolated incident in our Houston pharmacy in which a male customer was unable to purchase this item,” CVS spokesman Michael DeAngelis said. “We are following up the pharmacy staff to ensure that our policies are properly followed to prevent a recurrence of this incident.”

Well, at least Kurtz and other men, according to CVS, can buy their “get-out-of-unwanted-pregnancy-by-poisoning-my-girl’s-uterus-free-card” and live to have unprotected sex another night!

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  1. sooo what if he was buying it for his girlfriend or even his wife? could that change the judgmental perspective of the author? & how is she working in a pharmacy & not know that plan b is not the same as an abortion pill?

    • @C Murph: I personally didn’t see this article as judgmental as much as I saw the sarcasm in it. Women are always looked down at for buying condoms as if we are prostitutes for protecting ourselves from diseases.

      Even if he was buying the Plan B for his wife, he’s still, buy the very nature of the purchase, admitting he wants to protect against pregnancy. If “if” was a fifth, we’d all be drunk. What if he was on his way to do experiments on the drug, who the hell knows?

  2. I’m over all these weird people making their personal beliefs infringe on other people. If you love your religion or whatever or wherever your personal morals come from please keep them to yourself. This pharmacist willingly sells drugs to people that have horrific side effects yet her morals make her stop at Plan B.

    What a joke and it continues to make anti abortion people look ridiculous …

  3. but considering that men have a hard time even buying condoms that don’t have ego-boosting slogans plastered on the box, like Magnum XL



  4. It’s commendable that he’s willing to go get a “femine” product. However, he clearly he needs to be educated about safe sex, since he states he’ s bought them there before. Plan B shouldn’t be used as a primary form of birth control.

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