We all have one, you know that one thing we think is horribly wrong with us and if we had a wand, poof, it would change in an instant. For me personally, outside of just generally wanting to lose weight, I would change my arms if I could. They are undefined and just sit there mocking me in my short sleeve shirts and strapless dresses. If they had shoulders I would shake them for being insubordinate and not being all cut up like Janet Jackson.

Of course I love myself as a whole and dare you to tell me I’m not beautiful, but sheesh the nerve of these things! So whether it’s a belly that refuses to go past a 2 pack or thighs you wish weren’t so thick, what’s the one body part you would change today if you could?

Sound-Off: How much do you love your body? Or do you want to change just ONE part?

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  1. I probably would change my penis size, but hey that’s just me

  2. My abs without doubt. I do everything and I still can’t master the Janet Jackson abs …

  3. Longer legs!

  4. I would love to have a more toned and defined back.

  5. my thighs i hate them and no matter how mach i exercise or dont eat they continue to stay there like two bags of lard

  6. My hair. I want it to be longer but I’m trying my best to take good care of it

  7. Mine would definitely be this belly. Belly blubber is a wardrobe malfunction and it is my most frsutrating area. it is so hard for me to blast away the belly fat. :/

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