Janet Jackson has never been able to avoid having a well-publicized history of struggles with her weight. Since we watched her as a child star from an early age, everything from her chubby stages to her Velvet Rope-era body became fodder for discussion, graced magazine covers, and inspired more women belly and nipple rings than most women want to admit. Now Janet Jackson is the new spokeswoman for Nutrisystem, saying that it has helped her lose weight and keep it off. Watch:

Jennifer Hudson vouching for Weight Watchers, Mariah Carey for Jenny Craig, and now Janet for Nutrisystem — anyone see a trend here? More importantly, does anyone really believe that Janet is using Nurtisystem at all? When I think of Janet’s body I imagine a whole lot of hard work to reach that level of tone and cut. This has been the case for years, even when the tabloids floated around pictures of her jogging in sweats during her “off-season” weight. I imagine no carbs, fasting, an all-liquid diet, hours in the gym…and does anyone remember that rumor that she had a rib removed to flatten her stomach? Whatever she does to achieve her flyness, I also imagine personal trainers, assistants and chefs helping out, so I’m not sure if Nutrisystem is what’s really at play here or if she’s an ideal person to sell the product.

Sound-Off: What do think of her video? Are you buying what she’s selling?

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  1. I see countless numbers of fat people every damn day shoving salty, fast foods, sweet snacks and sodas down their throats and I find it disgusting. Bottom line if you’re fat, lose. weight. Try one of these plans & EXERCISE. You don’t need to join a gym or hire a trainer, walk and stop eating. I have no patience for woe is me, I’m fat. I hope Janet, Mariah, and JHud motivate just one fat person to get in shape and lose weight.

  2. People need to stop eating crap, processed foods! Eat clean, whole foods and exercise and the weight will come off. I know that sounds too easy but it’s true. Stop eating “low fat” and “fat free.” Your body needs healthy fats, i.e almonds, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, etc, to burn fat. Sigh. Sadly, desperate people that are truly trying to change their lives, buy into all this pre-packaged “low cal” low fat” programs, lose weight, then go right back to their previous state.

  3. This chile’ she keeps on yo-yoing. I won’t believe it until she comes out and talks about her issues that cause her weight fluctuations without trying to sell something

  4. I am so surprised and disappointed in Janet Jackson’s decision to push/plug Nutrisystem. Does she need money that bad? Earlier this year she was claiming that she lost weight by eating natural foods….there was even a section in her new book with recipes and tips from her nutritionist!

    I highly doubt Ms. Jackson is truly eating that nasty processed, high sodium diet food!

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