Jennifer Hudson flaunted her “Hollywood” body last night at VH1 Divas Celebrates Soul. Apparently, Hudson, who will play a nun in the upcoming Three Stooges remake, has lost a little more weight, clearly conforming to the unrealistic images of femininity that the industry sets for women.

J Hud hit the red carpet, showing off her svelte frame in a tiny mini and a pair of thigh-high boots from the Francesco Scognamiglio Fall 2011 collection. The latest special in VH1’s Divas franchise was taped live on Sunday at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Hudson stays consistent with her claims that she feels great now she’s a smaller size. She’s definitely not a size 0, but, with these latest photos surfacing, it looks like she is on her way to the elusive size 0, which, at her height, is usually reserved for models. And no one really wants to know how models stay at that weight …

The question becomes, how small will she get? After losing over eighty pounds, Hudson seems to have lost her curves she claims she loves so much. On the other hand, the international spokeswoman for Weight Watchers will definitely serve as quite the inspiration for those who are trying to shape up in the new year.

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  1. She looks great, way better than she did when she first made her debut. She doesn’t look anywhere near a size 0, yall probably are just taken aback because she looks so small in relation to her old figure. Just proves that as black people we continue to struggle with the idea of healthy body weight, preferring larger frames over thin ones. There’s nothing concerning for anorexia here, the bigger issue is why can’t our community shake the notion that thicker is always better? As long as she’s healthy, why does anyone care? Could it be jealousy?

  2. no, the only people who think she has lost too much weight are more than likely bitter fat black women.

    • @Tee: I’d say it’s “bitter fat women”, period. Making it about race is ridiculous and small minded on your behalf.

    • @Tee: I don’t agree. I have actually had multiple conversations where quite a few black men (big and small) said she looked better before she got “skinny”…I think she looks fine, personally.

  3. I just want her to be HEALTHY! Skinny does NOT = healthy. Whatever healthy is for her is great with me…as long as there was no surgery involved.

  4. I miss the Jennifer Hudson from SATC. But if she’s healthy and happy then I’m happy for her.

  5. As long as she shows no signs of venturing into Karen Carpenter territory, leave the woman alone.

  6. Weightloss can become an addiction like anything else. I do get concerned for Jennifer because for her I think it’s so much more than just weight loss. Remember this is a woman whose whole immediate family was murdered! She then got pregnant soon after. Then the weird engagement with Punk. She’s dealing with a lot of loss and changes in her life. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is using this weight loss as a way to gain some control in her life. I’m happy if she’s truly doing it for health sake…but I do think it’s something deeper. And to the person that said people that hate her weight loss are “fat” black women. Black women if anything have been very supportive of Jhud. So go somewhere with that nonsense.

    • @tee:

      You may have a point. When I loss my boyfriend, I lived in the gym, because It was my way copping and controlling because life was so out of balance and I lost a lot of weight! ( I gained all back too 6 years later *kanye shrug*)

    • If her way of coping with her problems is to work out and eat healty, then that’s great! At least she’s not using a more harmful coping mechanism like drugs or alcohol.

  7. Jennifer Hudson needs understand and I’m sure she knows that people are going to judge. I mean shit, her own husbands weighed in on her body (pun intended).

    She is in the public eye and everyone who is commenting or reading this article knows how much scrutiny the media places on celebrities.

    If we’re honest, all these convos about her weight are laced with hate. Now everyone wants to see if she stay at this weight or gain it back or get deathly skinny.

  8. she looked good when she first debued and looks great now. at first i thought that she might be flabby skinny but she looks real healthy n these photos.

    stop hating!

  9. People need leave JHud alone! She is doing what she wants with her body. She looks health and great! Some people are just jealous!

  10. She’s still sportin’ serious curves & is definitely not too thin.

  11. Yes she has lost too much, she was looking good at first then she started to look hungry! Her head islooking to big for her body and she is getting those lines around her mouth when heavy ppl loose too much weight.

  12. I think if she’s happy at that size, that’s the size she should stay at regardless of what anyone else thinks about it, as long as her size fits her frame. One think I like about Jennifer’s lost, and I’ve always thought her to be beautiful rather at this size or larger, she kills the idea that you can’t get to her current size if you started at her former size, or that it won’t look good or sagging skin is an absolute. Everybody has a different experience but that’s one thing I like about her weight loss, you can’t look at her and tell she was once overweight and I never would have pictured her looking well at the weight she is but she looks great.

    However I will say one thing I hate about us (black folks) we have to be all or nothing, if a person is large and they don’t see the beauty of a smaller frame it’s because they’re jealous. If you are thin you’re trying to look like societies (aka white folks) idea of beauty. Not everyone is build to be thin and not everyone is built to be thick. Being healthy based on your frame and height is all any of us should focus on and then seeing the beauty in our opposites. God is pretty creative and we miss out on that fact for always finding fault in our opposites.

  13. There have been some valid point and some that should just shut up and stay home…. However, if we really care for Jennifer we will worry for her. When I lost my Mom I lost weight that I didn’t need too and still looked good, that did not mean it was good for me (mind or body). Keep her in our prayers and hearts and lets hope that she is seeing some one other than her man. Remember he also has a right as HER man to tell her that he loved her healthier…. If that’s what he likes, that’s what HE likes. She excepted that when they met, that is between them. The media will tear every star apart, let be there as her back!

  14. As long as she is healthy I am happy for her reguardless what size she is.
    In my personal opinion, a woman should have some fat on them. 🙂

  15. Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful woman. She was beautiful as an overweight woman, and as a thinner woman. But now she is just skinny. And looking a bit unhealthy. I think it’s great she has lost so much weight on WW-but I don’t think she is setting the right tone as their spokesperson. And she just keeps losing! For the regular members who lose a lot of weight like she did, they are reminded by the leaders that they need to adjust their points to put on a bit of weight. Her collar bone is sticking out, you can see her ribs, and her hip bones would be sticking out, but her hands are covering them. I for one would like to see an article written about here that doesn’t mention “her new body” in the headline. Hello? She’s been consistently losing more and more weight for about a year and a half. Her figure is not new.

  16. She looks good, no matter what size she becomes people will have an opinion. I say, just be healthy about it. Power to the skinny people!!!!!

  17. I think she looks great! As long as the weight loss was healthy, then two thumbs up!

  18. She looks great. She even resembles Kerry Washington. She has inspired me to lose.

  19. I think a lot of the negativity people have about Jhud’s weight loss is evidence of the conflicting messages we get about our weight. We’re told we’re fat and need to lose weight to be healthy, but then when we’re small, we have men telling us to gain weight to be attractive. I wish healthy and attractive were the same in our culture.

  20. people complain if you’re too slim and throw jabs if you are too fat. you can’t please everyone. someone will always have an opinion. it’s life…

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  22. I think she looks good. when she first starting losing, she looked like a bobble head. I don’t know if it is the outfit or new hair but she looks fantastic. She was pretty when she came out, pretty as a bobble head and pretty now.

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