Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat are once again the most talked about team in the NBA. With the backlash from LeBron James’ 2010 ESPN free-agent special, “The Decision,” still reverberating, The Heat draws extra special attention from fans and players alike. As fans cuss, opposing players ratchet up their aggressive play against Chris Bosh, James, and Wade, collectively known as the “Big Three.”

So accordingly, all three key players took this year’s extended summer to make sure their bodies held up throughout the lockout shortened season.

The Chicago native, who is affectionately called D Wade by his fans, decided to take an increasingly popular route to build his body, hiring a martial arts expert who knows how important one’s core stability is to success in any athletic endeavor.

Trainer Ed Downs, whose former clients included Allen Iverson and Baron Davis, went about getting Wade, 29, into peak physical condition by improving Wade’s balance:

“Yes, it’s core training but I wanted him to be able to control himself in the air at the same time,” Downs said. “I was tired of seeing him falling on the ground all the time. So the better his balance, the more he lands safely on the ground.”

According to the Miami Herald, Wade wanted to enter the season leaner than he’s ever been, dropping his body fat from a “meager” 4.8 percent to a chiseled 3.2 percent.

Only time will tell if this new, leaner Wade will equal improved reselts if the Heat makes it deep in the playoffs. Wade, who was clearly the MVP of last year’s Eastern Conference Finals, seemed to tire in the Finals.

Either way, Heats fans know that D Wade will deliver the goods if he’s healthy.

Check out some core stability videos that Downs may have had Wade perform this summer courtesy of fitness trainer Dre Baldwin:

Balance Lateral Rows

Core Stability: Controlled Sprint with Bands

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