Night after night we turn on our televisions and become instantly swarmed by reality tv. Any topic you could possibly think of has a reality show out there. Mama said you can sing and dance, there are two reality shows for that. Used to do something strange for a little change but now you’re rich, reality tv has that covered too. Have no talent at all, but you look ‘exotic’ and date celebs, you can own a whole television network. It’s bad reality television overload! Enter the Bravo network’s new hit series Chef Roblé and Co. The show follows 27-year-old prodigy Roblé Ali as he and his culinary crew handle the pressures of running a successful high end catering business. Chef Roblé and Co. is a refreshing breath of fresh air in the reality television world that keeps us tuning in week after week and here a just a few reasons why you need to tune in too!

It’s Positive
The problem with reality television today isn’t that there is so much of it, it’s that so much of it is bad. Cat fights, deadbeat dads and straight up ratchetness night after night. On Chef Roblé and Co. there is none of your usual foolishness. Roblé and his crew are just a bunch of ambitious, creative and hardworking individuals following their dreams in the middle of the concrete jungle and it’s very inspiring. It may sound boring compared to all the other shows out there, but that’s what makes it worth watching. The cast isn’t dependent on drama and the annihilation of your remaining brain cells to get you to watch, just sheer talent and they’ve got plenty of it.

You Can Learn Something
I love to cook. If I’m not trying recipes from family, cookbooks and online sites, I’m getting hands on experience at my favorite local cooking school, so I know more than my share of dishes. Yet week after week Chef Roblé and Co. continues to expand my visual culinary palate by introducing me to dishes and flavor combinations that I would’ve never thought of. Collard Green Cornbread Pudding with Frizzled Yams or Thai Tea Sorbet with Coconut Cream and Lemongrass Tuile? Yessir! I wonder if Roblé offers cooking lessons?

Roblé Can Cook….And He’s Cute
I mean do we really need to go deep with this, if you don’t watch Chef Roblé and Co. for any other reason you should watch it simply to see the deliciousness that is Roblé in all his chef glory. Men aren’t the only ones who want a partner that can burn some pots, women want to be fed and pampered too and watching Roblé command his staff and perfect his dishes will definitely appeal to the ladies. Oh and he’s not so bad on the eyes either, that smile, that mohawk…just saying.

Are you watching?

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  1. Yes I’m huge fan but I think they play up sibling rivalry to a fault, making Roble’s sister look like she’s inept. I think she is smart and more capable than how they portray her on the show. Other than that … Bravo (pun intended). 😉

  2. I’ve seen the show twice and I love it. Bravo…..

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