Every New Year millions of us vow to workout out more and live a healthier lifestyle, and every year millions of us fail. We fail not because we don’t really want to achieve or fitness goals, but because we make these promises to ourselves without any real plan as to how we’re going to accomplish them. Plans without actions to support them are a sure way to fail and when it comes to health failure isn’t an option. Try these for

Set A Schedule
Just like you set a reminder to get your hair done or meet your friend for happy hour drinks, set a weekly reminder to workout. Our days can get hectic and things can fall to the wayside, but working out shouldn’t be one of them. Set reminder alarms on all the devices you know will constantly be in your presence to alert you at random times throughout the day that you’ve got a can’t miss appointment with the gym!

Make It Fun
One easy way to quit on your fitness goals is to fall into a boring routine. Whether it’s your meals or your workout, switch it up from time to time and try new things. That will keep your mind and your body from getting bored and ensure that working out feels less like work and more like fun.

Grab A Buddy
If you’re like me you feel a little better when you have a workout buddy. Having someone to chat with helps to keep you less focused on how much longer you have on the elliptical and before you know it your workout is over. Also, having a fitness partner is like having a built in coach, someone that can motivate you and hold you accountable for achieving your goals.

Start Now
Why wait until January 1st, isn’t it just a day like any other? If you’re serious about getting fit the best time to start is now. Sign up for that gym, clean out the junk from your fridge and make the changes you want in your life today!

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