When you’re squeezing in that morning workout before work, it’s tempting to skip stretching. Here’s why you definitely need to make stretching a priority after doing a light warm-up first:

It Decreases the Risk of Injury
Stretching to increase flexibility is sort of a no-brainer at this point. But the reason even people dedicated to strength training need flexibility is because they need it to help with their exercises. Increased flexibility helps your body moves through its full range of motion. Not having that full range of motion can lead up to an injury in the long run.

It Helps With Little Aches and Pains
Even if you don’t have a set workout regimen or can’t make the time for the gym, stretching helps with the aches we get from sitting at our computers all day. Stretching just three times a week is a big help.

It Increases Blood Flow
When you get your muscles moving with a stretch, you get more blood moving. This gets you ready for even better performance.

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