Vegans typically find buying new food a hassle. From bringing a magnifying glass to look at labels to all out avoidance of certain aisles at the grocery store, many vegans could benefit from having their brain implanted with all the food information known to humans — Matrix style.

Luckily, according to VegNews, there is now an app for that. A new mobile app, InrFood, will scan barcodes, revealing if products have any animal ingredients. As reading goes out of vogue, and companies continue to come up with clever ways to disguise food additives with five syllable words like Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose pthalate (corn for us public high school), mobile apps are becoming more and more indispensable to the modern shopper.

VegNews reports that the the app that will launch at the end of this month will also identify foods with allergens, foods not safe for pregnant women, and individuals with heart conditions or diabetes using a color code – green means safe to eat, yellow means better in moderation, and red indicates food to be avoided.

As much as an app like InrFood is useful, it should raise a red flag — espcially for vegans. Vegans love to substitute meat with “fraken-meats” like tofu, textured vegetable protien (TVP), and seitan, rarely taking the time to see how many additives go into processing their mock meats. Inrfood seems unnecessary if one eats whole foods like broccoli, organic meats, and fruit. Just a thought …

Check out how many ingredients go into making that delicious Bob’s Red Mill TVP:

FrugiVoice: What do you think about an app like InrFood? Do they help or keep us thinking within in the product box?


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