Parents who would prefer not to give their kids the chickenpox vaccine have found a new way to let their kids develop immunity to the virus…mail-order lollipops sucked on by kids who are already sick…gross is an understatement.

CNN reports that Phoenix news station KPHO discovered a Facebook page that allowed parents to find “pox parties” in their area and featured posts from parents offering to ship chickenpox infected items to families interested in getting their children immune without the controversial vaccine. One ad read “Fresh batch of Pox in Nashville Tennessee. Shipping of suckers, spit, and Q-tips available tomorrow. $50 via PayPal.”

The Facebook page has since been removed. Sending viruses or disease through the mail is a violation of federal law. Only 6% percent of parents don’t vaccinate their children against chickenpox and the vaccine is considered to be much safer than the disease…let alone whatever unknown germs parents may be ordering when they allow a stranger to send their kids an infection!


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