For almost two months now the “Occupy” movement has captivated the world. From New York and Oakland to Berlin and New Zealand, people everywhere are standing up for social and economic injustice. But social and economic injustice isn’t the only cause people should ban together for; obesity is at an all time high all over the world, but especially here in the United States. With weight related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension on the rise among adults and even children, it’s time for the “Occupy” movement to take on an additional focus. Instead of occupying Wall Street, people everywhere need to start occupying their kitchens and take back control of their health by making healthy changes in their lifestyles and preparing nutritious meals that will help them lose pounds and live longer. Still not convinced you should join the “Occupy Your Kitchen” movement? Here are four reasons we think you should. You can thank us later.

It Helps Saves Money

With families everywhere feeling the financial squeeze these days, cooking at home is definitely an easy way to keep money in your pockets. The average takeout meal can cost close to $10 per meal and if you’re eating out at least twice a day that can end up costing you around $140 a week! With that money you could go grocery shopping for ingredients that will last several weeks and use them to prepare at-home meals that can last you several days at a time. As a bonus, since you won’t be spending close to $600 a month on takeout, you can use whatever is left after groceries to treat yourself to a little something nice.

It Will Help Shed Some Pounds

Nothing can truly substitute for some good old fashioned exercise, but occupying your kitchen can help you shed a few of those unwanted pounds you’ve been carrying around. Get in that kitchen, clear out the junk food and other products that are slowing you down and replace them with heart healthy foods. Instead of eating out at restaurants that serve you double the portions along with double the fat and calories, try making healthier versions of your favorite dishes and add your own unique touch. Cooking healthy dishes at home will allow you to have control over what ingredients go into your food and your body; it will also allow you to control portions and safely cut back on calories. Before you know it, you’ll be back in your favorite pair of jeans.

It Will Bring Your Family Together

These days people are constantly on the go. Gone are the memories of families having a specific “dinner time” and gathering around the table to eat, laugh, and catch up on one another’s day. More often than not many of us opt to just grab something on the go so that we don’t have to stop and end up late to that important meeting, etc. However, it has always been said that the kitchen was the heart of the home. Preparing more delicious meals will not only look after their your loved ones health, but it will give everyone an excuse to slow down, come home, and come together as a family.

It Can Help Save Your Life

The bottom line is everyday you don’t take control of your health is another day you run the risk of developing a serious illness that can cause you to lose precious moments with your family and friends. Tomorrow may never come, so today needs to be the day that you regain control and take your health back. ‘Occupy Your Kitchen’ is more than a gimmick or a catch phrase, it is a loud call that asks that today be the day you begin cleansing your mind, body, spirit, and kitchen. Let go of unhealthy habits from yesterday and begin the process of starting over, starting fresh, and living your best life now.

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