Mariah Carey, who was recently announced as a new spokesperson for Jenny Craig, has revealed that she felt “rancid” during her pregnancy and hated the site of her larger body so much that she wore a towel in the bathtub so that her husband wouldn’t see her nude. She tells People “I’m not lying, I promise you! You think I would let Nick (Cannon) see me looking rancid like that?” Um…he’s the father of your children and the sight of you carrying his seeds was probably one of the most beautiful things he’s ever seen, Mimi. Just saying.

Carey, who gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy, says that it troubled her that she could not feel her bones while carrying the couples twins. “I had, like, no bones for a while. It’s important to me to feel my bones!” She claims that 40 pounds were “water weight” and the other 30 came off thanks to the Jenny Craig plan.

While its great that Carey has gotten back to her pre-pregnancy size, her attitude about her body is very negative. We can’t help but to wonder, will she pass these insecurities on to her little ones? How may this impact her relationship with her husband? Did it sour her experience as an expecting mother? For her to be such an accomplished and beautiful woman, the idea that she seems to have some sort of self-loathing (or the capacity to be self-loathing when she isn’t at her “ideal” size) is very disheartening, yet not at all surprising or rare.

If you’ve ever been pregnant, can you say you dealt with similar body issues? How did you cope? If you haven’t yet had a child but want to, do stories like this scare you? Speak!




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