Hip-Hop pioneer Erick Sermonassured all his fans that he is doing okay, this according to Global Grind.

The 42-year-old rapper/producer — who, along with Parrish Smith, make up EPMD — suffered a minor heart attack over the weekend, prompting many Hip-Hop fans to send their well wishes to Sermon via the numerous social media mediums.

Sermon reportedly told Global Grind that he’s feeling a lot better:

“I’m good! I got two more tests on Monday and Tuesday then I’m home hopefully on Wednesday.”

With the sudden passing of the 42-year-old Hip-Hop legend, Heavy D, many fans did know how to react to the news that another of their beloved legends had had a heart attack.

DJ Scratch, who spun records for EPMD, broke the news on Twitter:

“Erick Sermon had a heart attack today,” DJ Scratch wrote. “He’s ok, but still send your prayers. He is not on Twitter.”

After seeing how concerned fans were with his misfortune, Sermon felt it was necessary to send a Tweet that could have been viewed as snarky: “I wish yall tweet me this much when I tweet good news. Smh”

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