Daylight Savings ends early this coming Sunday morning and many of us will take advantage of the extra hour of sleep that we “lost” this Spring. However, the change to your clocks could throw you off a bit and you may find yourself rising earlier than needed and getting tired before you’d usually start craving rest.  Here are a few tips to ease the adjustment into the coming months of brighter mornings and darker evenings:

-Consider adjusting your wake-up time in 15 minute increments, instead of forcing your body to immediately embrace the change.

-Don’t feel bad about going to bed a bit early! If you’re getting tired at 11pm instead of 12am, listen to your body (or also try gradually embracing your desired bedtime by going to sleep 15 minutes later each night until you are back on track).

-Make your normal bedtime this Sunday night in order to avoid being tired at work on Monday! If you usually turn in at 11pm, go to sleep at 10pm.

-Have a full day planned on Saturday, so it will be easier for you to try staying in bed until your normal wake time. If you wake up at 7am instead of 8am and find yourself trying to fill an hour before heading to church or brunch, you may be needlessly tired on Sunday night.

-Set your clocks before bed on Saturday, so you won’t be scrambling to figure out the time on Sunday! Also, be mindful of the fact that most cell phones and computers will update automatically, so don’t accidentally get behind by an extra hour!


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