Just when you thought Pi Nappa Kappa was enough…

Yesterday the Internet was abuzz about the sorority Chi Zeta Theta, a multi-cultural, non-collegiate sisterhood with the purpose of uplifting encouraging and empowering the plus size woman. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t heard of the organization because neither have many people. Even though the organization claims to have been around since 2005, the groups mission, vision, and values caught many people off guard as the FIRST sorority to empower the woman of size.

The group’s vision reads, “As a sisterhood, we strive to strengthen grace and beauty within plus size women and promoting excellence within one another as well the plus size adolescents.”

Some of the standard membership requirements include that you must be a female at least 18 years or older, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and fiscally responsible to the organization. Now what may also come as another shocker, the organization states it is not a requirement for a woman of size to join.


I can definitely understand the need for inclusion and celebration of diversity. I understand that we are not all the same. Creating support systems that encourage and celebrate those who share the same values is an awesome thing. I just wonder if attaching three Greek letters to your organization is the answer. Seems like blacks will try to brand any organization with Greek letters. A sisterhood does not have to have Greek letters. Another thing, personally, I even hate for these organizations to boast about members who haven’t even graduated from college yet they step and stomp at all events. (Check your local college and HBCU campuses)

As many innuendos flooded my timeline wondering what was the intake process, what happens if someone gets their Jennifer Hudson on and goes on Weight Watchers and what a possible set would look like, isn’t it a bit too much to create a “sorority” around the premise of weight?

So Frugivores, do you think an organization like this is necessary? Is it really the answer to bring Greek life to areas such as weight?

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  1. I totally agree. There definitely should be places where women are accepted regardless of size. A sisterhood is great but the whole Greek letter craze is a bit much. Furthermore, I don’t believe in promoting unhealthy lifestyles. Sure, not all overweight people are morbidly so, however, this seems like it promotes being overweight. No one should be ostracized for being overweight, but I wouldn’t hold it in high esteem as if it were some goal either.

  2. Some women in the organization are college graduates. There can be greek ketters for a plus size sorority.

  3. Not all plus size women are morbidally obese… Some of us have health conditions such as myself that have a umbilical hernia since birth that over time has caused me to gain weight. We believed in ourselves, and our community. We are a Non Collegiate Sorority with College Graduates as well as Business Owners. Being a Greek Lettered Organization took alot of work and determination. Judge not the Plus Size Community Organizations before yours get swept out.

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