Some of us love the cardio machines, while others can’t stand being in the same place for such a long time. Others prefer running the great outdoors over, say the high energy Zumba or belly dance classes that have become so popular in recent years. What matters most is being able to find an exercise routine that works for you….so what’s yours? Spill! Share! Let us know how you keep in shape or, what sort of workout you’ll be doing when you make your debut/return to the world of regular exercise…which we know you can and WILL do. What gets your blood pumping and those good endorphin going for you?

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  1. i love weight lifting and as of late riding my bike. i ride it almost everywhere as long as the sun is out!

  2. I love workouts that don’t feel like I’m working out. Like brisk sightseeing walks, playing with my dog, tennis, cleaning, etc.

  3. running: it’s free, produces quick results, and is easy to do

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