What’s your (food) addiction? Is it fries? Is it cookies? Is it cheese? If there was one food that you could eat every single day without worrying about the impact to your waistline, blood pressure, etc., what would it be?

I’ll start. Though I’d typically say brownies or cookies, the last few months have found me totally obsessed with tart yogurt (think Pinkberry, Red Mango, etc). I was visiting Chicago and was walking to a local shop in Hyde Park each and every day for a week just to get it. I’d probably eat it at every meal if I could! Aside from that, I’d also like to have. And if I wouldn’t gain 10 pounds just from the smell of pizza, I could probably handle having that every day as well! If only, if only…now share yours!

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  1. Bread! Croissants specifically. They are so freaking delicious and make everything taste better. Grilled cheese on a croissant, slamming. French toast made with croissants…EVERYTHING! I can’t get enough.

  2. First! I would have to go with pizza as well

  3. Without even thinking I would say proper fried chicken. It is truly an addiction that only the fear of weight gain is keeping at bay. 🙂

  4. Tex Mex. Steak nachos w/ all the fixings, chicken quesadillas, guacamole. And frozen strawberry margaritas

  5. bacon. I’d eat a different type of bacon. I’d wrap things in bacon. i’d dip bacon in other things made of bacon.

  6. POTATOES! I can eat them all day and made any kind of way, except potato salad. If I’m at a restaurant and potatoes are on the menu, 10 times out of 10 I’m eating them as either an appetizer or as a side with a meal.

  7. any kind of nut butter except soy. not a fan of soy…

  8. Hmm. greek yogurt, berries — these are my favorites and things I’d want daily. The others I would get sick of generally — it could only be 3 times a week for me to have bacon, steak and even potato chips!

  9. I love Fruit Smoothies! Mines always taste nasty though 🙁

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