When I was about 7, my dad took me to a Middle Eastern restauraunt and insisted upon ordering falafel for me. Usually, going out to eat at that age involved pancakes, spaghetti, chicken and other tradtionally child-friendly foods. He warned me that the falafel was going to look different than what I was used to and that I was to try everything on my plate without acting silly. My older sisters, seasoned falafel eaters, assured me that the new taste would be just fine…but they scared me a bit when they warned me that this falafel stuff was gonna be green.

Sure enough, the dark balls of ground, fried chickpea paste were absolutely delicious (despite being bright green on the inside). From that day on, I have been cautious not to let the “strangeness” of unfamiliar foods dissuade me from trying them. I have my limits (don’t think I’ll be trying chapulines- AKA fried grasshoppers- anytime soon), but I have a generally open mind when it comes to new foods. And I’m glad, or else I would have missed out on my new Trader Joe’s favorite: cinnamon-dusted toscano cheese!

Dear readers, are you game for trying new foods? Or does your palate have a comfort zone? Speak to us!

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  1. Refusal to try new foods is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. My mom was queen of “take 3 bites before you decide” and it’s made me a wonderfully adventurous eater. I swear all the problems in a previous relationship can be traced back to the fact that he wanted a sandwich every gosh darned where he went. Should’ve known when the first date was a casual dining pizza chain restaurant *rolls eyes*

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