We’ve been told time and time and time again that dining in is a better dietary choice than eating out, which can find us taking in hidden calories, sodium, and fats in even those seemingly “healthy” menu options. However, busy schedules don’t always make it possible for us to prepare our own food as much as we should. Were it not for pre-packaged or restaurant options, some of us wouldn’t be eating at all!

Dear readers, how often do you find the time to make your own meals? Are you able to prepare breakfast, but rely upon the local diner to supply lunch? Do you cook three hot meals each day? Or are you using your kitchen as storage space? Let us know!

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  1. I typically cook several times throughout the week, focusing more on cooking a really nice dinner and taking leftovers to work for lunch the next day. On the weekends, I take the time to cook a nice breakfast. I typically eat breakfast during the work week, however, it’s usually something quick. When I dine in, I take greater pride in the ingredients I put in my body. Plus, it produces a calming effect on me to know that I’m doing something good for myself.

  2. I make breakfast and dinner pretty much 5 out of 7 days a week. Sometimes 6 out of 7. Lunch, that varies. I try to pack something everyday, but every couple of weeks or so, I end up buying something. I think my food just tastes better sometimes, and I know if I make it, it’s always fresh. I found some time saving blogs, but after learning a few basics, i can get dinner prepared in 15 – 30 minutes. Every now and then, I do something that takes longer… usually on the weekend.

  3. i usually buy ingredients instead of meals, so if i’m cooking it’s always from scratch (i even made soup for the first time yesterday!). however, what has been happening a lot lately is that people will cook meals for me. still homemade, though.

  4. Usually, every Saturday I go to the local Farmer’s Market and buy groceries for the week. I then cook every lunch and dinner everyday but Sunday. Sunday is my only option to eat out day but sometimes I don’t even want to eat out then. I learned that my cooking taste WAY better than eating out and I now get upset when I eat out and it’s not as good as mine. I think how I could of kept my money and bought more groceries. I love to tell my friends that sometimes I cook a meal so good I want to marry myself!

  5. I cook all of my meals except maybe 1-2times a week if I decide to meet up with friends or get free food at a meeting.

  6. I cook everyday. My roommate and I are both vegetarians with no microwave. If we don’t cook, then we don’t eat. Our Saturday morning farmer’s market, 2 vegetarian-friendly grocery stores, and 3 self-proclaimed vegetarian diners keep us both happy on days when we can’t get to the kitchen.

  7. I hate cooking and being in a kitchen. Always have since I was little. I try to cook one meal a day. I can’t do the 3 meal a day thing. Would love to have a personal chef like the rich and famous. 🙂

  8. I cook pretty much everyday! I’ve become strict about bringing lunch to work, but that’s usually dinner leftovers so technically on average I make 2 meals everyday. The few times I eat out is date night (Friday) and Sunday since I find myself at my stepmom’s to cook whatever deliciousness she makes!

  9. I work from home and I usually make all three meals (and snacks) at home. My husband has Celiac Disease (a wheat gluten allergy) and I’m a vegan, so it makes the most sense to eat at home….it’s cheaper and healthier that way! It’s almost impossible to find good vegan and gluten free food when eating out, so it works out for the best. I love to cook, so I never think it’s a hassle.

  10. I usually cook or prepare raw or vegan dishes for myself weekly in order to maintain my healthy diet. I try to prepare enough for several days so I do not have to cook daily. I will supplement with takeout organic vegetarian dishes and salads sometimes.

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