From Vixen In the land of Gotham City where the women are super skinny or always on a diet, I proudly stand 5’9 and a coke bottle size 14.

With my Amazon stature, it only makes sense that a solid and muscular Dwight Howard-carbon copy would be vying to be my knight in shining armor because he has a comparable body type. Not quite. Instead, I constantly attract the short Terrence J and slim cut Nick Cannon look-a-likes.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a small man. But after dating man after man who is shorter and skinnier than me, I couldn’t help but wonder: why are these men attracted to women twice their size?

Is it so they can psyche out the next man by walking with a brick house-built woman in stilettos no less? I’ve seen men insult smaller men they see out and about at the mall, on the street, at parties, saying “they can’t handle” all the curves of the woman they’re walking with. And there are few people who haven’t seen the ubiquitous pictures of petite men daring to pick up voluptuous women at the club.

The question is why? In my opinion, if men attach masculinity to the size and shape of a woman they’re dating, wouldn’t it make sense that smaller men assert their masculinity by chasing after women like me? Perhaps that’s one of the many reasons behind men of color’s obsession with “thick” women with ample curves.

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  1. Well im a small man, 5,1” and i simply don’t mind a woman larger, thinner taller or smaller than me, hey we get what we can since ( were not up to todays standards) and all that counts is personality conections. you might not know it but you might connect mentally with someone way smaller and might as well say uglier than this hot stud who knows he can get any woman for one damn night… peace out!

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