Hi, my name is Danielle and I lack fitness motivation. Like many other people in the world I sometimes struggle with getting up and working out consistently. One little change to my normal routine can have me back on my all ice cream diet in a hurry. It’s hard to stay motivated when you feel like you’re trapped in an never-ending cycle of diet and exercise that yields no results, but giving up can’t be the answer. Sometimes all we need to get us moving and keep us working towards our fitness goals is a little inspiration. Here are a few celebs with bodies that will help you to put the double scoop of cookies and cream down and pick the weights up.

Legs: Ciara

If you’re looking for inspiration for your leg workout, look no further than Ciara. Ciara has the legs of life! Long, lean, sleek and defined, Ciara definitely has some of the best legs out and isn’t afraid to show them off. Next time you want to take the easy way out running that last mile on the treadmill, just look at Ciara and picture yourself with her amazing legs for next summer.

Butt: Serena Williams

If there was an award for best booty Serena would definitely take home the top prize. Not only has her determination in the gym helped her bring the heat as a champion on the tennis courts, but it has made her sitting on 22s butt the envy of women everywhere! Want to look like a brick house in that new designer dress, take a page out of Serena’s playbook and go heavy on the squats. Your butt will thank you later.

Arms and Abs: Kelly Rowland

Even though Kelly has recently revealed that it took her a long time to get comfortable with her beauty, she’s clearly gotten over it and worked her body into tip top shape. With Jeanette Jenkins as her trainer Kelly has sculpted her arms and abs to near perfection and created a new look to match her new confidence. If you want to get your body right and tight, just take Kelly’s advice and let her be your ‘Motivation!’

Overall Definition: 50 Cent and Lance Gross

When it comes to cuts and definition these two definitely have it on lock. Look no further than the defining cuts in their arms, legs, backs and 6-pack abs to see how serious these men are about their workout routine. Working out is great, but if you also seek to sculpt and define the areas you work so hard on these two will definitely give you the motivation you need to work through the burn and achieve your goal.

Who do you look to for fitness motivation and why?

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  1. I don’t use aesthetics as motivation to be fit; reading stories about people who have conquered illnesses like diabetes or seeing women who lift heavy weights or dance are examples of what motivates me.

  2. Most people can’t help but see inspiration in this celeb-driven society. As society continues to meld into one large corporate commercial, it makes sense that their pitchers (celebs of all kind) influence people who engage popular culture.

    I find inspiration in myself, but I’m always looking for people who actually commit to a healthy lifestyle instead of looking good. It’s not important to look sexy, fit, or well — it’s imperative to BE all of those things.

  3. This is a little too close to fitspo/thinspo to me. I try avoid wanting to make my body look like someone else’s.

    • @TeeHee: wow I just googled fitspo… I could see how this COULD be a good idea but this is sad.

      I can say I tried and failed at working out when I was obsessed with how it would ‘make me look’. I’ve been consistently working out since I accepted the idea that my body is unique and my only job is to take care of it, not try to look like anyone else.

  4. Tika Sumpter is my fitness inspiration. I have all the photos from an underwear spread she did for GQ saved on my phone and I look at them regularly. I also really like Rihanna’s body. They’re both firm and a little toned without being too defined and that’s what I want my body to look like too. Unfortunately they’re also a good 10 years younger than I and firmness gets a little harder to achieve post 30.

  5. I think it would be better to pick someone with a similar body for inspiration. No amount of squats will get you a Serena posterior if you don’t already have something back there. These people are nice, but not inspiring me.

  6. Beyonce

    Janet Jackson


    Kelly has nice arms

    Melissa ford

    Halle Berry – She’s petite, but curvey. And everything this woman wears look good on her even if its ugly.

    Are the celebs I look to for fitness inspiration.

  7. Inspiration is OK, obsessed & deluded into thinking you can look like the celebrity is a problem.

  8. Angela Bassett is my biggest inspiration, but I’ve also been looking at Ciara because we have the same body type.

  9. Teyana Taylor, her abs are ridiculous.

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