Much like the ostrich whose feathers she wore on the red carpet last night, R&B-superstar Rihanna found herself in hot water. The animal rights organization, PETA, denounced the pop-singer’s wardrobe while she promoted her fragrance Reb’l Fleur.

Showing up in a fashionable aqua blue top containing all ostrich feathers, Rihanna gave her fans another glimpse of her style and mega-star persona, which was why PETA was so adamant and over-the-top in their criticicsm.

PETA spokesperson Sandra Smiley tells Britain’s Daily Star that Rihanna’s outfit was akin to theivery:

“Rihanna is flaunting stolen property, in this case feathers possibly plucked right off their rightful owner’s backs.”

According to Pop Sugar, this was not the first time Rihanna has been in the figurative crosshairs of PETA:

“She has shown little regard for foxes, cows and reptiles. Now she’s adding birds to the list of species exploited for her dubious looks. Feathers are often ripped off chickens, geese, ostriches and emus in live plucking. This can result in gaping wounds that are sewn up with a needle and thread without anaesthetic.”

PETA, which is known for making seemingly outlandish comparisons between animals and humans, conjured up Rihanna’s past encounter with violence in hopes that they could pull on her heartstrings:

“We keep hoping that Rihanna, a victim of violence herself, will learn to open her heart and start empathizing with the suffering of others,” Smiley lamented. “That includes the animals who are beaten, gassed, electrocuted and poisoned to be turned into fashion accessories.”

Sound off: Do you think PETA took it too far? Is it fair to compare domestic violence with human violence against animals for the sole purpose of fashion?

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  1. Who has the right to say animals are available to humans to abuse as they see fit?

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