For women seeking straight hair, the Brazilian Blowout treatment seems like a God-sent, except its high levels of liquid formaldehyde, known to cause nervous system disorders, chest pain, vomiting, and rashes. Would you sacrifice your health for 12-weeks of pin-straight hair? Yea doesn’t sound like a deal to me either.

The FDA is giving the Brazilian Blowout manufacturers until mid-September to reform its product or risk being pulled from store shelves. Testing samples pulled from the product contained up to 10.7% of liquid formaldehyde when the Cosmetics Ingredient Review Expert Panel considers 0.2% to be a safe level. While customers might not feel the effects immediately, salon workers frequently in contact with the product might have a different story.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Goeres-Arce, a stylist in California, was put on an inhaler two months after she started treating her clients with the Brazilian Blowout. California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris already has requested an injunction against the product in addition to Australia, Germany, France, Ireland, and Canada acknowledging the product as dangerous.

Perhaps it is time for people to do away with all chemical straightening treatments and embrace natural alternatives for hair care. There’s nothing healthy about applying high-risk chemicals to your scalp multiple times a year. And if straight is your “look,” there are numerous, safer ways.

Is the FDA overreacting? Or do you agree that it’s time to put an end to the Brazilian Blowout? Weigh in.

Source: Huffington Post

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  1. What this article fails to do is specify which brands are unsafe. Contrary to how this article is presented the technique known as “brazilian blowout” does not leave your hair straight for 12weeks unless you already have straight hair. The brand “Brazilian Blowout” is 1 to be cautious of. I worked in a salon that uses that brand & trust it stinks! When I had mine done the stylist had to take several breaks & get someone to help her; the doors to the salon were open & the fans were blowing. I’ve curly hair & after the treatment I still had curly hair; just easier to flat iron & blow dry straight. Anytime we saw a Brazilian on the schedule we knew the salon was going to be smelly & eyes were going to be burning. There are other brands to be cautious of & there are brands that are safe. The process of Brazilian blowout isn’t going to make you sick; it’s the BRAND.

  2. Formaldehyde is the main ingredient in embalming fluid. Does anyone have to say more? The single worse thing about an anatomy lab is the smell of folmadehyde, used to preserve the corpses used to study and dissect. The anatomy lab class is the low of any medical students day.

    It is unbelievable that people are using this stuff on an industrial basis for cosmetic purposes. Humans are strange animals.

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