For decades Janet Jackson has dazzled fans with her music, style, and humble grace. These days there is something else about 45-year-old Janet that has her millions of fans in complete awe … her amazing body! Janet appears to be in the best shape of her life and is definitely putting women half her age to shame. Fitness success hasn’t always been easy to come by for Janet, yet she continues to shine with stunning results. Here are three reasons why Janet Jackson is our fitness inspiration and should be yours too.

She’s Fallen and Gotten Back Up

Janet has made no secret about the fact that she’s been struggling with her weight since her Control days. Even in recent years we’ve seen her weight balloon and drop at random times. One thing Janet never did was give up. Criticism from the media, failing at another diet, stress from touring, none of that kept Janet down for too long. She always got right back to the grind and worked double time to achieve her fitness goals resulting in the fabulousness that you see before you today. Many of us have the same problem; we drop the ball on our fitness routine, start to feel like failures, and eventually start to give up. But one thing we can learn from Janet is that it’s okay to mess up once in a while, we’re human, but it’s important that we get back up and keep going. Our lives literally depend on it.

She Advocates Exercise, Not Quick Fixes
Nothing against Jennifer Hudson, but one of the reasons why we love Janet as a fitness inspiration is that she’s never sold the idea that her body came from crash diets or expensive weight loss programs. She has always maintained that consistent diet and exercise is how she’s gotten the body that makes men everywhere drool. Of course most of us can’t afford her personal trainer, but we can afford gym memberships or free workouts in the local park, and that’s a start.

She Proves It’s Not All Down Hill After 40
Let some people tell it, hell starts at 30 and by 40 you’re a wrinkled skin, washed-up has been with a flabby gut, used to be hot thighs and non existent butt who should be hiding in a closet. Not only is Janet no where close to washed up, but she looks better at 45 than she did at 25, and with the confidence to match. Janet proves that age is a state of mind, and regardless of how old you are, you can look and feel as young as you want … with a little hard work of course. Looks like there’s hope for the rest of us after all.

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  1. Yes, Janet looks fabulous. Her success at losing and gaining and losing and gaining and losing again and again reassures others that weight loss can be achieved but it takes hard work and a commitment to good diet and exercise habits. Go Janet!

  2. Janet does look amazing and I co-sign your sentiments about how inspiring she is about falling down and getting back up again. But, why the dig at Jennifer Hudson? Weight Watchers is neither a crash diet nor an “expensive” weight loss program? Where are you getting this info?

  3. She looks just like Michael in the second photo. Light skinned Michael.

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